Galatia Faucet

DreamingoftheUPMarch 17, 2014

Most faucets I've seen for under $1000 are, what's the word, normal, maybe? Might not be something I'd use or I'd like, but I could see it being used and liked by someone else. All a matter of personal taste and preference, of course.

The Galatia from Mirabelle really goes against my grain however. There's only one picture of it on houzz and it's the manufacturer's picture. A search for Galatia in this forum turns up zero results, so this will be the first. Must not be the most popular choice. There's something about it that just doesn't work.

No doubt, someone will respond with a "I've had it for 3 years and my family really likes it." I guess it would prove that there's someone for every faucet.

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Exactly what is your question?

I don't know what weird brand name it's being sold under, but this is an Hamat faucet from the Wings collection.

Hamat has withdrawn from North America and no longer sells here. But you can still buy from the Israel web site.

Try this search: wings on google. The faucet should come up.

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Sophie Wheeler

No, it's an import knockoff.

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The faucet is made by Hamat. It was originally sold in the U.S., and is still sold in Israel, as the Wings faucet. The faucet is no longer sold in the U.S. by Hamat, but is sold by Ferguson under its Mirabelle brand name as the MIRWSGA110 Galatia faucet, part of the Galatia collection.

As it is the original Hamat faucet still manufactured by Hamat, I don't think it qualifies as a knockoff.

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