please help asap

bambroseFebruary 25, 2011

We recently bought a mobile home last fall as a second home and there is a really bad smell to it. We ripped up the old carpets already, painted all of the walls, used glade plug ins, bleached/cleaned all cabinets and surfaces but the smell is not going away. We are going to the house tomorrow morning and need some good ideas to try to get the house smelling better for when we re-open it in April.

I am planning on setting up a dehumidifier in the crawl space basement, plugging in some air freshners, and putting white vinegar in bowls in each room.

Does anybody have any other ideas that might help get rid of the stink?

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Do you know what the may be causing the stink..?

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Did you buy it as part of an estate? You know what I'm thinking...

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I'd try putting bowls of baking soda thru out and possibly crumbled up newspaper in drawers etc....
Try finding mesh bags of volcanic rock, they absorb odors too! Setting them in the sun reactivates them.
Sam's Club carries a wonderful product called OdoBan. Check it out on their website, they post detailed info about it.
I believe they also sell it at Lowe's too.
Good luck!

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Check your heating, a/c ducts. There may be water or even mice in them (I saw that on a TV show--the poor people couldn't figure out where the smell came from).

Hopefully, the smell isn't mold in your ceilings or walls.

Don't forget to move the stove and fridge if you haven't already checked there. My sister had a dead mouse under her stove that smelled pretty bad.

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