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christmascandyMarch 14, 2011

I am just curious sbout replies.

When I can, I try to reply to everyone who has so graciously taken time to comment on my posts. I really appreciate what you say and enjoy reading your comments.

I was just wondering....Do you go back and look at posts where you have left comments to see if the poster has responded to you? Or am I spending time composing resposes when they won't get read by the intended person?

Thanks in advance for helping me know whether to continue to respond individually or just say Thank You.



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Hi Candy,
I do not go back to see if the OP has responded to my comment. I figure if a post gets a lot of comments, if they took the time to respond to each one, they'd never have time to craft/ decorate/ eat :) I may go back to the post to see others comments (sometimes I miss something in a photo or the OP's post) or to "borrow" an idea.


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Marlene Kindred

I go back usually if I've asked a question about the post, but most of the time I don't go back to see if the person responded to my post.

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I go back to all posts! Each night I read every single
person's comment on each poster's thread.
Guess I don't want to miss anything! LOL.

I haven't been able to post as much as I normally would,
but am trying to get back into things. I'm a bit down with myself, not only did I skip Valentine decorating due to losing Dad...now I've let St Patricks slip by as well. I kept wanting to get my things out, but then it just seemed
I couldn't decorate this time.

Hopefully my heart will be more into things for Easter.
hugs, Karen

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I ALWAYS read all responses. I appreciate posters who reply to all the comments, and I try to do that too.

- Magpie

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Candy, I go back to read the all responses. I appreciate others taking time to look at my posts and comment on them. I try to respond to all the comments, especially if someone asks me a question. I hope they check to see if I've answered.

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Candy, I try to go back and read responses and I try to answer questions directed to me. I have often wondered if others were going back also. Good question. Marylee

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Like Karen, I always like to read every comment on a post--if you don't go back, you might miss some really good stuff. We've seen some of these posts head off on the funniest tangents like talking about "the bus" or "the old lady".

And if I've asked a question, it's because I'd really like to know! If a post has gotten pretty old and suddenly pops up again, I may just glance at it to see who posted to it so late, but won't usually comment again, unless it's one of my posts and I need to acknowledge them.

I used to try to mention each person's name that had commented on my post, but that is time consuming because I have to keep going back to see each one. So I may just say "thanks gals" or "thank you for all the sweet comments".

This is supposed to be fun, so make it easy on yourself--we don't really have "rules".

And don't get hurt feelings if you don't get lots of comments either--most of us love to make comments, but sometimes life gets in the way and we might not be able to. Doesn't mean we haven't enjoyed it or that it's not neat--we are just away from the computer, busy with other stuff, or maybe going through a rough time and not in the mood to respond right then.

Candy, just do what feels comfortable to you--we're a pretty easy going bunch I think. ;o)


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Ditto -
I always go back to read the comments too. I enjoy
reading what's been said..good - bad or otherwise.
Like Luvs said though - sometime's it's hard, depending on what's going on in your life at the moment...and how your mood is.
Also, I find it hard sometimes, to mention each person by name, who commented and will do a 'general' thank you to all - unless there's a special question.
I don't know about you...but I'm laughing thinking that many of us here are former teachers, (too disciplined) and
tend to look at it as a 'Homework Assignment' !! LOL

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Marlene Kindred

I think I need to clarify my earlier answer (that's what I get for sneaking some forum time at work). I do go back and read other people's posts, but I don't go back looking for an answer to my earlier post in particular. I do like to see what others have to say and they sometimes will share some great idea or picture in the thread, so it's always good to see what's there.

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I try to read all the comments ... & try to answer when someone asks a question...I just "enjoy" reading & writing & hearing from others. A great forum.... jeanne S.

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Hello Candy. I'm with the majority here (despite not being a [former] teacher. lol!). I read all comments of most threads and definitely read all comments of threads I post to! I also always go back to check responses on threads I've posted to.

For those who will read this: sorry, but I avoid going to blog sites! They take FAR too long to load. So if you're posting here to give a link to your blog, chances are I won't be looking.

Candy, I'll be looking for a response to this. LOL!!!

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Thanks everybody. I just got to wondering if I was composing responses that nobody read, but based on the feedback, I will continue to respond when I have the time.

PM, here is your response, and I don't have a blog, LOL.


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