getting contact cement off of countertop

maidinmontanaFebruary 28, 2009

I recently re-surfaced my bathroom countertop, instead of doing a laminate facing (that narrow strip across the front) I used a piece of oak trim that I trated so it won't rot. My problem is the contact cement seeped thru onto the oak trim. Is there anyway to get it off? I used Goof-off, but it discolored the stain so I had to redo it, How 'bout WD-40? Or is there a remover just for contact cement?

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Many sticky things can be soften by heat, like a hair dryer even may be enough. WD-40 is fantastic stuff but if Goof-off discolored I would be cautious.

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You might try mineral spirits. I just had pre-finished wood flooring installed and it was glued down to my concrete flooring. The installers used mineral spirits to clean up the glue that seeped out - and I had to buy some of my own to clean up the spots they missed. It worked wonders and didn't affect the floor's finish at all.

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