film on dishes after using the dishwasher

ebear1271February 26, 2009

My daughter lives in an apartment in a city that has terrible water. We put a filter on her shower head to keep as much of it off of her skin as possible. She also has a Brita system for drinking and cooking. The problem is her dishwasher. She said that most of the time she ends up hand-washing dishes after they come out of the dishwasher because there is usually a film on the dishes. She uses all natural detergent and natural jet dry. I don't think this has anything to do with it because we use the same thing at our house and never have a problem. My question is, would it be possible to put a water filter on the water line that runs to the dishwasher? I'm not sure if such things exist or if it would be possible in an apartment. Beyond that, any other ideas?

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Could it be that the dishwasher's current filter is not working well anymore? You should have that checked out. Here's a link explaining how to do it yourself:â=replace-water-valve
But I would recommend changing the detergent. For rough water you might need something more powerful. The best would be Cascade Action Pacs. I use it and love it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cascade action Pads

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I suddenly had hazing trouble with dishwasher detergent that I have used for years, so do suspect the detergent too. I had a repairman for something else, and he said I needed to use the JetDry in the dispenser (I have not done so for 35 years and it was fine) and to use the kind of detergent tablets with some treatment for non streaking too. It really helped. I also ran an empty machine with 2 cups of vinegar in it to clean the film from the inside of the machine.

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I use Lemi Shine in my dishwasher for hard water deposits and hazing. It will make your dishes clear and beautiful again, not to mention the inside of your dishwasher. I love this stuff.

I have used JetDry for years, while it does a light job, it does not work like Lemi Shine, I found it at WM. Be very careful and read the instructions. Do not put metal cookies sheets or utensils in with it.

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The dishwasher is brand new. It's apartment quality (i.e. cheap) but it's always worked like this so I don't think it's anything that can be fixed in the machine. I thought about having her change detergents but the bleach smell from regular dishwasher detergent makes her sick. Since I quit using regular cleaners a few years ago, we are super sensitive to the toxic smells. Thanks so much for the info! I'm just hoping to find a natural solution

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Use electrasol tabs 1/2 in the prewash and 1/2 in the regular detergent spot. Also put about 1/2 cup vinegar in at the start of the cycle and they will come out great. The ones that have gone cloudy will eventually get better using this method.

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turkeytrott - this is prob a stupid question, but where do you put the 1/2 cup vinegar?

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I don't know about the rest of the folks, but I use white vinegar in the rinse-aid container. My dishes are always nice and shiny. I use 7th Generation dishwasher detergent from my local grocery store.

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ebear1271, has she asked around at the apartment to see if others have the same problem?

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"turkeytrott - this is prob a stupid question, but where do you put the 1/2 cup vinegar?"

I just dump it in th dish washer and hit start

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The problem is hard water. has a product to solve this problem once and for all. It filters the water going into your dishwasher and removes the hard minerals that leave those spots. It is very affordable and even has a money back guarantee. You will love the way your dishes look with this product.

Here is a link that might be useful: dishwasher filter

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They sell Lemi Shine at WalMart and I love it! It really really helps with water spots and film. ALSO, is the hot water heater near the kitchen? If it takes a while for hot water to come out of your kitchen faucet, then it isn't getting to your dishwasher quickly either. I have to run water in my sink until it gets hot and THEN start the DW...this helps with spots and overall cleaning as well...

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One more option: our 11 year old dishwasher started giving us film on everything. The problem turned out to be the pseudo garbage disposal thingee within the dishwasher. The wiper arm on that "disposal" was broken, so once fixed the film eventually went away. ...yes... the vinegar treatment is great (although not instant; it takes 4 or more wash cycles).

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