Frigidaire CD Professional FD refrigerator - thoughts?

Juno_barksMarch 22, 2014

Refrigerator is my biggest dilemma for my kitchen. I'm looking for 36 inch width, no ice/water at the door, ss finish, LED lighting, quiet, and good quality ice (made in the freezer).

This FPHG2399PF Frigidaire Pro looks tempting, but there are very few reviews. I would appreciate hearing about your experiences, and possible alternatives. Many thanks!

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We just bought the frigidaire FGHG2366PF Gallery. and it was delivered Wednesday. The main difference between this and the pro is the second ice maker. Some other minor differences but not enough to say one is better than the other. I did not want water and ice in the door and we did not hook up the ice machine-- we do not have a water line where fridge is installed and do not really care about ice that much so I can't help with that.
My first thoughts are the fridge space is ample for a counter depth except for the veggie and fruit bins , but there are only 2 of us so I can manage. The door bins are plentiful and there is plenty of options for the shelves.
The freezer is a disappointment due to size. It holds much less than my LG bottom freezer did-- space is lost with the slide out top drawer since it will not slide when a package is a bit too high in the bottom bin.
It does make more noise and seems to run more but maybe that is normal for newer fridges.
It has LED lighting which I love and a door alarm if it is left open too long and alarms if the temp gets too hot.
I wanted a fingerprint proof finish which is why I chose this fridge and did not want side by side. I also wanted to keep it reasonably priced and this fit all those criteria.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much for replying. Maybe its running more because you've had it such a short time, and it needs to cool from room temperature? I'm wondering how noisy is more noisy than the LG, which I know is nearly impossible for you to describe. But - is it noisy enough to be bothersome (admittedly a highly personal opinion, but your opinion is useful to me)??

The space distribution is very relevant. And so hard to envision. Thanks very much!

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I talked with my husband and we both say the noise is not enough to be bothersome. He described it as a quiet dishwasher sound. Kind of like a low steady hum or shhhhh. :-) It still runs more than the LG-- I would have thought it would run less. The LG would not be running and then all of a sudden it would sound like a ship coming into harbor with a very low fog horn!!-- it was a soft sound but we noticed it when it happened.

If it would be helpful, I could take a pic of the interior layout and post it.

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I have this exact model that you are considering. (Frigidaire Professional, not Gallery.) It is an excellent fridge for the money, I think. The LED light that comes on when the door opens is very nice. It runs very quietly. The finish is indeed fingerproof-resistant. If only they could figure out how to make it dirt- and gunk-resistant! It keeps food extremely fresh, much better than the terrible old fridge we used to have that finally died. We haven't used the icemaker much because we have had trouble hooking up the existing water line (a problem with the house, not the fridge, and it will be addressed soon during the reno.) I find that there is plenty of storage space both in the fridge and the freezer, and we are a family of four that cooks avidly and hoards bizarre ingredients. If I had to complain about something, there are tiny little things: the right hand door has a flap that sometimes moves while the door is open so if the left door closes first and the flap has moved then the right door will bang against the left and not close. Happens every once in a while and doesn't do any damage. Also, buy the extended warranty. During the first year we had a control circuit problem that took three service calls for the techs to figure out what was going on. They replaced the part and no problems since then. The other complaint I have is about AJ Madison's delivery (but that's not the fridge's fault!) I find that as with all fridges (apart from the super high-end ones) if you stick too much stuff in front of the vents for the cold air, you will freeze whatever is there. So you don't want to stick too much on the top shelf on the right. The shelves and door shelves are configurable, too. All in all, very happy with it. I paid around $1850 for it -AJ Madison matched Goedeker's. I'd be happy to take pictures of the inside for you if you are still interested!

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We have the same model (Frigidaire Pro, 36", no ice/water in door), but regular depth. We've had it about two years, and are extremely satisfied. Very quiet, love the LED lights, fairly resistant to fingerprints. I was also a bit nervous due to lack of reviews, but couldn't be happier.

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munchladyland and marlu-- would you say your fridge runs most of the day? the sound is quiet and low but it seems to run steadily--almost non stop. the website said that is normal for newer higher efficiency (takes less energy to run constantly vs starting and stopping) but it would be nice to hear someone else confirm that their fridge also runs a lot.

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Babbie, honestly I never hear the fridge unless the icemaker is filling up with water, so it is either running very low or it waits until I'm out of the kitchen to run. I tend to think it's the former.

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Thanks so much, everyone. I found good interior photos on the Frigidaire web site, so I think I'm good in that respect. You guys are awesome.

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