Tea pot

SolusUmbraFebruary 19, 2014

How can I save/clean this tea pot? I have tried vinegar and lemon juice but it just seems to get worse. Is there any hope?

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It's not real clear what kind of material your tea pot is made from, so that would be helpful to know. Is it discolored from tea and/or hard water? If it's a tea stain, a soaking in a mild solution of water and bleach should take care of it.

You might also try using tablets for cleaning dentures. They do great things for cleaning porcelain and glass.


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I'm not sure what it is made out of or how to tell....
It doesn't seem to be stains, and it seems to be making little holes in the bottom. The deepest spots are a shinny silver color.

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Just make sure it is not aluminum, if it is don't use it. You might try testing it with a magnet. If it is alum, I don't think it will cling to it. The damage looks like more than a stain it looks like a layer of of the metal has been eaten through.

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The magnet doesn't cling to it but I don't think it is alum its pretty heavy. Anyways here is a picture of it from the outside. Hope it might help

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The picture is a "porcelain enamel tea kettle".

The base could be aluminum or steel.

Spots inside is where enamel has popped off most likely due to kettle being empty on a hot stove burner.

The discoloration will depend on whether it is aluminum or steel base. In the case of steel the spots will "rust".

I have the same problem with my favorite kettle, spots are now rusting, indicating the base kettle is steel.

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So is there any way to save it, I don't have the money for another one. :(
I also took a magnet to the bottom and its differently steel, the magnet stuck.

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Stainless steel will not rust. My husband used SS nuts and bolts on his scooters for that very reason.

I would not use it, I had rather heat my water in the Microwave anyway.

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Just guessing that the acid in the vinegar and lemon juice might be making the situation worse, especially if you're soaking with the solution.

If a teapot isn't in your budget, try shopping at a thrift store. Some of their items are new or almost new.

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