Anyone have an ALL 22k burner bluestar

gtadross_gwMarch 25, 2013

I just added a third 22k burner to my 6 burner RNB bluestar by replacing the middle 15k burner in the front row. I wanted to switch out the simmer burner as well, for either a fourth 22k burner or at least put in the old 15k burner.

But a bluestar rep said such additional firepower modifications are not allowed as it could lead to an overload of the regulator or a loss of power on all the other burners.

But I've read that some forum members have upgraded to all 22k burners anyway (and that one forum member apparently had his 48" unit inadvertently made with all 22k burners). I wanted to know if anyone who's done this had experienced any loss of power, regulator or other issues? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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This is a very good question, because I know there have been members claiming all 22's.

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I was doing some research and found this old post on bluestar's website from a Q&A with Marcus Samuelson:

A: Hi Victoria, I asked the engineers at BlueStar and this was the reply: "A 36" RNB has a high usage of 113,000 BTU/Hr (this is all burners and oven running). This would be 1.23 gallons of propane/hr. A 150 gallon tank would be an adequate size up to a temperature of -10 degrees Fahrenheit, probably the maximum low for the Annapolis area, but this is definitely a minimum recommendation. Please keep in mind this information is for operating the range only. Additional gas appliances or utilities will need to be accounted for." I hope that helps! Marcus.

So the maximum output is 113,000 btu's. If I wanted to switch out my simmer burner with that extra 15k burner that I removed, then the total output from the rangeTOP would be 111,000 BTU (ie, 22k + 22k + 22k + 15k + 15k + 15k). That leaves 2,000 BTU per hour for the oven so as not to go over the 113,000 BTU max.

Does anyone know how many BTU's are used if the oven is set the highest temp? How about when the oven is broiling?

I know I'll probably never have all 6 burners going on full blast as well as the oven set to the max at the same time, but in case I did, I wanted to know if it'd be safe to do so.


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From Bluestar's Website:

Top Burner Rating................................15,000 BTU
Top Power Burner Rating.....................22,000 BTU
Infrared Broiler Rating......................... 15,000 BTU
Charbroiler Burner Rating....................15,000 BTU
Griddle Burner Rating..........................15,000 BTU
Oven Burner Rating.............................30,000 BTU
Simmer Burner Rating..........................130ðF
Electrical Requirements......................120 VAC, 15 Amps (Unit must be on a non-GFI dedicated outlet)
Operating Gas Pressure......................NAT: 5.0" WC
LP: 10.0" WC
Installation Clearance..........................0" Side Cabinet
0" Back Wall

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Thanks for the info.

So it seems that any standard RNB would be over the 113,000 BTU max from Marcus' post, since a standard RNB would have 98,000 BTU just from the six burners and then when you add the 30,000 BTU from the oven, it would be at 128,000 BTU when the six burners and the oven are both going full blast.

Maybe the 113,000 BTU max capacity number from Marcus is wrong? I've scoured the net and all bluestar materials and cannot find any info on what the absolute max BTU capacity of a 6 burner range assuming all burners and oven are on full blast. If anyone has that info, it'd be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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In your previous post the BTUs being referred to are for a propane range.
I don't know if that makes a difference.

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Good point. I hadn't thought of that. Hopefully the natural gas version has a higher overall max BTU.

If so, I'd like to switch my simmer burner for that extra 15k burner that I replaced with a new 22k burner. Then I'd have the perfect set up, in my opinion, with three 22k burners in the front where I can keep a close eye on everything, and three 15k burners in the back where everything can simmer without requiring too much attention.

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Sometimes I like to make a delicate sauce and prefer working on a front burner. Sometimes I have a big pot going and prefer to leave it on a back burner out of the way.

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I know what you're saying. But I've fine tuned all my burners and they ALL could simmer incredibly. So now I feel like the simmer burner is completely useless. I tried to cook pasta for one on it and it took forever and didn't turn out very good. After a few other failed experiments on that simmer burner, I've never used it. It honestly reminds me of the burners on my old beat up sears special.

I know some will disagree and they love it's ability to do a super low simmer. But it's just not for me. I feel like I now I have only a 5 burner range. That's why I really want to switch out the simmer burner for a 15k. Then I feel like I'd have 6 fully functioning burners, each capable of high heat searing and low heat simmering.

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Things happen fast when making a white sauce or a cheese sauce- or any sauce that has egg yokes- or working with chocolate, but I understand your point of view, and agree that the 15K burner has an awesome temperature range.

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