Will I regret not getting a steam oven?

Kitten1313March 27, 2013

that damn steam oven keeps calling to me. We had pretty much decided on the 48 inch df Wolf with double griddle (4 burners). But now I'm wondering if I should get a 36 inch range and the steam oven. 48 in AND a steam oven would be overkill I think. I am so bad at decisions!!

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I am an unabashed fan of combi steam. I used mine yesterday to reheat pancakes ( they don't dry out ) , and then last night to make ribs. If you are comfortable with the size of the combi - I would definitely go for it. I haven't looked at the Wolf 48, but would guess that the combi oven is similar in width to the small oven, but probably not as high. You won't fit a ton of food in the combi at once, but since you will have the oven on the 36, that shouldn't be a problem, and I would say go for it.

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I have the 48" wolf DF and the combi and most of the time it is overkill. But has been more than useful at other times.

My advice.....hmmmmm. Get the 36" Wolf and the Combi. You won't regret it.

The Combi is my favorite thing in this whole house that we built new 8 yrs ago.

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Kitten, think about what you like to eat and cook. That may help you decide what seems the best choice for you and your family.

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i've asked myself the same thing and couldn't find a steam oven that fit the aesthetic of our kitchen remodel.. Willing to reconsider if someone knows a good option to go over a 30 wall oven with pro-style handles. Are the electrical requirements 120v? Also, could we eliminate the need for a microwave?

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Most of the steam combo's can be fitted with a trim kit to go to 30 inches. Viking used to make one with pro style handle, but that has been discontinued. 240 is required for the built in's, other than Sharp which offers at 120 combo - which includes microwave if I am not mistaken. Once you go to 120, you are looking at either a much smaller chamber, or longer cooking times when using just convection - it is operating more like a toaster oven that an electric wall oven at that voltage. It doesn't eliminate a microwave - you will use the microwave less often, but microwaves are much quicker and better at some things than the combi -

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Are we talking about the same type of oven? I have the Gaggenau Combi oven.

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Red lover, yes, when the OP mentioned Wolf, I assume that refers to the Wolf combi steam. Gagg, combi, IMHO, is the top of the line in terms of the ease of understanding the controls. While Miele offers just a steam oven, it has recently come out with a combi steam in the states. Thermador also makes one. Sharp has a 120 volt, and Viking is coming out with one as well - in my opinion, they have more in common with a toaster oven than an electric oven like your Gagg.

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Yes, a Wolf combi steam oven is what I am considering. I didn't realize Wolf made a pure steam oven. Thought they were all combis.

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Love my gaggenau combi steam oven and use it all the time. Regarding your microwave question, I hardly use mine anymore. Defrosting is way better in the combi-steam as is reheating. Takes a few minutes longer than a microwave but much better results. I thaw berries every morning and they come out beautifully, never "cooked" like the mw used to do. I got the smallest mw I could find and would trade it in for an even smaller one if I could find one. The only thing I use it for is an emergency reheat of my tea!

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Hey, Miele's combi steam oven will be here in a couple months.... Wont be cheap. Look at their website.... I was quoted ~$3500! Of course this is a full on oven with a steam capabilities and a master chef option. Unlike Miele's current steam ovens (what I have), the water tank is above the cavity (behind the panel) which allows for the cavity to be a fair bit bigger..... As I bought my pure steam unit used at a substantial price, I am quite happy to say the dimensions and hookup requirements will make replacing it down the road with the combi unit a snap.

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I have a 7 yr kitchen. Gagg combi and 36" Wolf DF range. I have never needed more burners, nor more oven. I hardly use my range oven unless I am making a huge turkey or holiday cookies. I use the Gagg every day and just got done with making some choc chip cookies! Love it! I don't think you will regret what you don't know. But you will be missing out on wonderful cooking opportunities if you like to cook. I did not stack it, it's midway in a cabinet with cookie sheets and storage above, and cabinets below.

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Ditto! love the gaggenau combo-steam! did my kitchen quite a few years ago and it remains my favorite purchase with no problems. I agree with redoing it: with the two, you don't need more. I don't have a Wolf, I have a Blue Star and only use that oven fir large holiday/dinner party roasts or turkey.

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Has any one has and used Sharp Ax 700S superheated steam oven ? What do you use for and do you like it and will you recommend to others?

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I haven't seen it or used it, but briefly considered it when I was searching for steam and convection. I think Sharp makes some great products, especially microwaves, but it is difficult to make a convection oven using 110 volt regular plug that will work like a wall oven - most of the steam combi's mentioned here use 240 volts, and are much more powerful than the Sharp.

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