nana2010_gwMarch 2, 2014

Jeanne posted on her caring bridge site that her last chemo treatment made her very ill and was admitted to the hospital for IVs she is home now and feeling better.
So sorry she is having such a rough time.
You are in my thoughts ans prayers Jeanne.

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Jeanne thinking of you and wishing you well with your upcoming appts.
So sorry that the chemo is being such a beast!!

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I truly enjoy reading Jeanne's posts and seeing her beautiful photography. I am sending my thoughts and prayers. Marylee

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I'm glad the hydration helped. Sending you warm hugs, Jeanne.

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Nana, thanks, I posted on Jeanne's CB again. She is so
loved and that's a big comfort. Wish we could just erase
all she's going through from her chalkboard.(so to speak)
Sending more hugs and prayers your way gf!


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Thank you, HOliday-ers ...working my way back again. ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, how are you feeling? As I said in my
last post, would be so fun to be able to pick
you and Larry up in the bus for your next appt.
However, they might not want all the commotion
at the clinic!

This reminds me of one day when my DM was
having a treatment and one of DD's friends
stopped by.(from a wealthy family and always
doing things she shouldn't) DM ask her how
she was doing and she replied 'GREAT.' Then
in her next breath she burst out 'Oh, Gramma
why am I lying to you.' Everyone in the clinic
cracked up and she continued to entertain all
for that appointment. The nurses and doctors
were laughing with the rest of us.


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Jeanne, you had such a horrible time and I am so thankful you were surrounded by friends and family there to help you get thru. Plus all your friends here and FB too, you aren't lacking for LOVE and PRAYERS and I hope you can feel each and every one of them.

I also hope you can enjoy some Spring soon, if your weather will stop blowing snow and lighten up.
Love you bunches,

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Thank you, Holiday-ers ... I am doing better each day & continue to build up again for the next chemo ... 1 down, 2 more to go ...that's the current plan, anyway ... then another cat scan ...then see what comes next...I am hoping to hear the words 'cancer free.' Thank you for caring comments. ~~hugs, Jeanne S.

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Yes Jeanne, the words "cancer free" can't come soon
enough! Karen said it all so well. I might not have the
charisma the rest of you do but what I say comes from
the heart and I care.


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