Special cleansers/sprays for inductin surface

wallycatMarch 2, 2012

I am seeing several specific (whirlpool, ge, etc.) cleaners for induction.

Curious if you purchased anything special or just use mild dish soap and water/rag.

Also, if you use countertop spray (like Method or Simple Green) do you forsee this as being a problem?

DH installed our new counter yesterday and it is actually so pretty it makes the icky countertops we are ready to rip out, liveable.

Thanks for any feedback.

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wallycat: "Curious if you purchased anything special or just use mild dish soap and water/rag."

We have been using induction cooktops for a dozen years, We swipe with Weiman's (available just about anywhere) on a paper towel (squirt a small bit on the towel, not a glob on the surface itself) every couple of weeks for "deep" cleaning; in between, we keep a spray bottle of Windex Vinegar Window Cleaner nearby for quick swipes.

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My induction user manual says not to use ammonia for cleaning. So, that's what I do. Sparkle has no ammonia and certain kinds of windex are fine. Water and Dawn work well, with a microfibre cloth-but it gets cloudy.

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In Canada, the Videla brand "Scrunge" pads are marketed for cleaning induction cooktops. I forget the American brand name for the same item. Along with a replaceable razor blade glass scraper, paper towels, and any Ceran cleaner, that's about all that is needed for a big occasional cleanup.
Vim sink and tub cleaner also works ok in a pinch. Just don't cover a large area with it or allow any of it to dry out. If it does dry you will get a workout and the cooktop will be really clean. Vim leaves a haze after cleaning but it will go away overnight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ceran scrub pads

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No special cleaners here. For nightly wipe down, I use a dishcloth wet with a tiny amount of dish soap, followed by a microfiber to dry and polish. If it's really dirty, ie grease, heavy drips, etc. then I use more soap on the dish cloth, give it another swipe with a clean wet cloth to rinse, and dry with microfiber. It gleams with very little effort. Occasionally, because a bottle came with it, I use Ceramabryte on it, but honestly I don't see a whole lot of difference. :-)


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Oops, it's Vileda brand "Scrunge" pads for induction. The American company is "O Cedar" and they don't sell the induction "Scrunge" so far.

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I spray Sparkle no ammonia and wipe with microfibre cloth. Perfect. Tonite I had rice boil over cause I wasnt paying attention. Blotted it up. Started over. addded water. watched it. came out fine. At cleanup, sprayed Sparkle and wiped. Showroom clean and sparkly. Oh how I love this cooker.

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