Grohe or hansgrohe, which is better?

janesylviaMarch 10, 2013

I saw Grohe and Hansgrohe products in stores. Which one is better? Are they better than Kohler or Delta's thermostatic shower or tub/shower kits? Are their handles easy to use? Will they have issues of sudden temperature change if other people flush a toilet or use water in kitchen?

I need one shower kit and one shower/tub kit for my two bathrooms' remodeling. Any input or sharing of experience is greatly appreciated.

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You just didn't get an answer did you. Here is a link that has a lot of faucet reviews. I don't know where they got their info but they have lots of it. You might find it interesting. When you are done with this article you have to look at all the other information they have on their site. Very extensive!

Here is a link that might be useful: An Overview of Faucets: Faucet Reviews and Ratings

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janesylvania: "I saw Grohe and Hansgrohe products in stores. Which one is better? Are they better than Kohler or Delta's thermostatic shower or tub/shower kits? "

A little history. Hansgrohe is an old-line supplier of German plumbing fixtures. A couple of decades ago, one of the younger members of the family that then owned Hansgrohe decided to strike out on his own and started Grohe, a company with a hipper image than the (arguably) staid Hansgrohe. Grohe lasted only a few years before being purchased by some multinational conglomerate -- I forget which one -- and presumably making the breakaway heir wealthy. A few years later, the parent corporation of American Delta purchased Hansgrohe.

There is no longer any relationship between the ownership groups of Grohe and Hansgrohe. Hansgrohe is operated as a semiautonomous division of Delta and is the premium line of the Delta group, much as KitchenAid is the premium line of Whirlpool, Gagganau is a premium line of Bosch, and Lexus is a premium line of Toyota.

Between Hansgrohe and its downscale sibling Delta, you probably are safe in assuming that the Hansgrohe model will be of higher quality.

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Enduring, thank you very much for your kind help. The link is very helpful.

Herring_maven, really appreciate your detailed explanation. Now I have a clear understanding.

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Another point that you brought up is the issue of temp change or pressure change when someone uses water elsewhere in the house. That is an issue in our old house. My plumber says that it is related to the size of the supply line coming off of the main water line coming into the house. Currently we have an 1" main entering the house, then 1/2" copper to the rest of the house. Plumber told us that when the supply line is 3/4" diameter from your your main, to the rest of your house, then stepped down to 1/2" to your individual fixtures, that this helps prevent the drop in pressure. He says "do you want a one faucet house or a two faucet house?" We plan to upgrade to the "two faucet" house sometime soon. Our new remodeled bathroom is all set to go with the larger 3/4" coming into the room off of the old 1/2" that we hope to replace someday. SO, I think that is the house pressure issue.

The temp change issue is separate, but may be related to the main incoming pressure and size of copper coming off of your main. Anyway, they have thermastatic valves to sense the hot and cold incoming water to your fixture and some how prevents drastic changes or scolds. There is also a pressure balancing valve that senses changes in pressure of each line, going though it, and adjust accordingly.

Mongoct responded to a thread about he differences with pressure balancing valves and thermostatic valves. I've linked it below.

Any of the my explanations above should not be taken as expert advise, but I hope it is helpful for you in your search for answers and explore your options.

Here is a link that might be useful: FAQ/Answers Bathroom Plumbing for dummies

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I am not happy with the Kohler shower we put in a bath about a year ago. In our current remodel, I really wanted to get it right so I did more investigation into reviews, etc. and ended up purchasing a Hansgrohe thermostatic "system". Plumbers and consumers both shower (haha) accolades on Hansgrohe. The one I chose has a hand shower, also. When I asked our plumber what he thought about our choice, he said everyone is always happy with their Hansgrohes.

It isn't being installed for another couple of weeks, but I have HIGH HOPES for convenience and performance.

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Enduring, thank you very much for sharing your plumbing knowledge and the link, which are very helpful.

Shanghaimom, thank you very much for sharing your experience with Hansgrohe. May I ask which specific model you bought?

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Hansgrohe Axor Cittero 39 7390 01 thermostatic showerpipe with hand shower. I found the best price on efaucets.

Sorry, I didn't see this until now!

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Shaghaimom - what kohler system do you have and why are you unhappy? I am about to order my plumbing items for our reno. I had selected Kohler for our masterbath. I am hoping we will not have issues. Thanks.

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I have the Kohler Memoirs handshower on the sliding rod. (DH much taller than me.) It looks so nice but is not functional. We have superb water pressure, and had no problems with the old shower. This one is so weak, it takes forever to rinse shampoo and conditioner. And yes, I DID remove the flow restrictor, which ain't easy with a Kohler showerhead. Not only is the flow anemic, it is not adjustable. It is really nice to be able to change between hard/fast/narrow/rainlike spray. The Memoirs head has zero options.

My plumber told me that many brands now have narrow valves behind the main control and so there's nothing we can do without breaking through all the brand-new tile and plumbing . I'm kind of sick about not doing better research. )-:

I'm not slamming Kohler or their quality--I have faucets and tubs I love. I just don't know if practical showers are their thing.

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Oh Shanghaimom you have me worried! I am glad you provided the info though. I plannef to buy the Kohler Bancroft fixed multifunction showerhead and multifunction handheld. My plumbing salesperson said if we have water pressure issues removing the restrictor would work. I am not sure what to do. I will look into the shower system replacement. I just can't imagine changing gears at this point. Sure glad I saw your post and appreciate your quick response.

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We just finished a bath remodel using Hansgrohe PuraVida. Installed thermostat valve for shower, separate showerhead and handshower. We're very happy with the look and function. We used for most of the purchases and were very happy with service there too.

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There are a lot of threads about shower form vs. function. Here is a good one I found from '08 that is still relevant. Mainly about rainshower heads (misery for long, thick, hair) but plenty of other info.

I don't know what to say, other than DON'T worry about being "matchy" when it comes to your shower system. I really wanted that Memoirs look for our vintage bath but wish I had gotten something superfunctional, instead.

Maybe your plumber can tell you about the valve size of the one you chose. And maybe, the "multi-function" aspect of your shower heads will give you more available force than mine has.

Here is a link that might be useful: rainshowers, Kohler, water pressure

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Thanks Shanghaimom for the advice. I am definitely being very matchy, matchy with the faucets, shower fixtures, towel bars, etc. Based on your feedback I am going to take more time researching my choices. I plan to use polished chrome which will make it easier to match different brands. I originally thought about going with a rainshower head and knew it wouldn't be a good idea with my long thick asian hair (assuming you have the same :) Good luck with your remodel. I will let you know what I select and how it performs.

Thank you!

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I put in a Hansgrohe valve in a shower at my parents place and was very happy with the quality. It uses a full brass cartridge and not the junk plastic that delta uses. I have replaced Delta cartridges multiple times at their house when they end up leaking. While you can change the orings on the cartridge, they never last long and dont always work right. At $40/cartridge, I wont ever buy Delta bath fixture again.

Im hopefully closing on a house soon that will be a complete gut and plan on using Hansgrohe for both bathrooms.

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After my research, I ended up purchasing this Hansgrohe Axor Citterio Thermostatic system for the current remodel. In my opnion, it would look nice with your Bancroft fixtures. It has a more traditional feel than many of the European fixtures. Here's a pic:

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Thanks Shaghaimom and others who have recommended Hansgrohe. I am looking into possibly purchasing Hansgrohe shower items for both my master and hall bath remodels. I will still stay with my Kohler and Moen faucets (I have gotten over the matchy, matchy syndrome!). From what I have read so far, the Hansgrohe ibox is 3/4" and the Kohler is only 1/2". The larger size could improve the water pressure you get in the shower.

My house was built in the 1970s and has 1/2" pipes (as I was told by my contractor and plumbing salesperson). If I have 1/2" pipes feeding into a Hansgrohe 3/4" ibox, would it still improve water pressure? I have a call into my plumbing salesperson to ask. I will let you know what she says.

I originally stayed away from Hansgrohe and Grohe because I thought they were much more expensive than Kohler. Now that I am looking into the shower systems, it doesn't seem more expensive. Though I love your Hansgrohe Axor Citterio showerpipe Shanghaimom, it is out of my price range. That was the original shower set I wanted!

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Good price on efaucets in polished chrome. 1479. for the whole shebang. Still a lot, but it is kind of like a use it every single day and its a real pain if sub-par.

And, apologies to janesylvia for the hijack!

Here is a link that might be useful: axor citterio

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I am sorry too for hijacking janesylvia! I think janesylvia and I are both looking to buy the same thing - 2 Hansgrohe shower systems 1) shower only and 2) shower/tub. Hopefully we can help each other.

shanghaimom - what other items did you need to buy for that shower system? I see that it comes with a valve, but do we still need that Hansgrohe ibox thing? Many questions for my plumbing person!

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No ibox thingy for us, because ours is shower only. The water is coming out of just one spot. You might need something like that with the tub/shower combo, but I really have no idea! Plumber question, for sure....

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Ok, wow-$1033.00 from Homeperfect. Backordered, but still.

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The iBox is the 'rough in', inside the wall. It is a base (foundation) to connect the water pipes (inlet) and the shower/tub (outlet). You will need this.

You will also have to buy a brass valve (mounted inside the iBox) that controls the temperature and volume (and perhaps a diverter).

Then, when the tile is installed, what ever trim you have picked out, is installed over the iBox.

A 1/2" pipe should be plenty for a normal shower.

Once you start paying $300 - $400 or more for a faucet they all should be good.

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Thank you so much for all your help. I'll go for the hansgrohe since I like their shower head better.

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maven - your story is mostly correct except :

Grohe is the old line brand and Hansgrohe is the upstart that has the hipster designs from people like Philippe Starck and Giuseppe Citterio. They are the ones that sold out to MASCO. about 10 years ago so the suits could inject some quality and style into a floundering Delta brand.

They are both high quality makes.

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Did any body hear anything about their shower panels ? I am in between choosing one made by Grohe and the other one by hansgrohe . I want to go for the better quality . I hate plastic handheld showers or feels like plastic knobs . I like solid brass . I have Newport brass faucets for my double sinks . They are really heavy and all made of brass, no plastic . Do any of your hansgrohe fixtures have plastic in them ?

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You should check others brands that are a lot better, this guys have been producing faucets and bathroom stuff since 1970.

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What's up with all the Grohe vs Hansgrohe threads today?

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