Bill V, Mongo--Can I extend an existing tile floor by adding tile

chinchetteMarch 17, 2013

My handy man flopped on my flip house. We didn't pass the credit card test. We are off on some by almost a 16th inch. The tile is 18x18 and I think it has at least 1/16th warp variance. We pulled the tile today and are going to start over. The first install, he was trying for 1/16th inch grout lines. Should we move up to 3/16ths? I am thinking an 8th may be risky.
He did not use self leveling compound. If he came up with less than 1/16th lippage, does that mean the slab is flat enough to do it with an 8th or 3/8ths line?

Reading prior threads, I think that the thin set may have shrunk.

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Yikes, another mistake. I can't edit the title of the thread, which was going to be- how big can my grout lines be on rectified tile.

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Let me ask you-- Are you setting this tile in a normal soldier coursing (the standard square grid), or are you setting it brick joint?

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Longtimer, yes, standard square grid.

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Then there should be no problem. The only problem with large format rectified tile is that it tends to "bow" slightly in the center, so that if you set it in a 50% brick joint, the centers of the tile will always be higher than the edges, causing a definite fail in the "credit card test". But if you're setting it in a standard soldier coursing, there should be no problem.

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