Vacuums - upright or canister?

ebear1271February 8, 2008

I've had an upright for several years. I was told by my carpet installer that they have better suction and clean the carpet better. I am now considering a Miele canister. What is your preference? How about some opinions from those in the carpet industry?

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I'm not in the Carpet industry but the vacuum biz. Uprights are made for Carpets but canisters are more versatile. If you want a canister, a Miele 5000 series would be my recommendation, preferably with the larger powerhead. But they are costly!!!

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I just recently bought a Miele canister with the large powerhead. It does a great job on all of my floors - carpets, rugs, and hardwood. I absolutely love it.

I had a Dyson upright for a while but I didn't like it. It was heavy and cumbersome, and the powerhead wouldn't fit under cabinet overhangs. I much prefer a canister vacuum, and the Miele is the nicest vacuum I've ever had.

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I like to have both...the upright is very awkward on the stairs with the 2 landings.
Linda C

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I used to have a canister but hated dragging it around so I switched to uprights years ago. I got a Dyson Slim last year and love it. It is very light and easy to carry, and it cleans better than any other vaccum I have ever owned. Even better, with 15' of hose, I can vaccum my entire staircase while it sits at the base of the stairs.

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Check out the March 2008 of Consumer Reports magazine. Ratings for 37 uprights and 24 canisters, plus a good discussion on pros and cons of both types. In general, uprights do tend to be better for carpets, but many of the top-rated canisters are rated highly because they did well on both carpets and floors. The link here covers some useful information, but not the specific ratings. Let me know if you need details. Good luck!

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Oops! Trying again to add the link.

Here is a link that might be useful: Consumer Reports article

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I too have a Dyson Slim. I love it, it gets in tight places and goes under the cabinet overhangs just perfectly. It is very light and it is the first vacuum that I have ever had that doesn't throw stuff from behind while vacuuming bare floors. That makes it worth it to me. But it vacuums my carpets great too. I love the 15' hose. I had a hoover canister many years ago and loved the way it vacuumed, but hated dragging it around, was too cumbersome. Good luck with whatever you decide.

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I have a Dyson DC17 Animal. It does a great job on short carpet, but it is very hard to push on medium/long length carpets. I posted on these forums to ask why and was told that Dyson's are not a good choice for longer length carpets because you cannot manually adjust the brushroll height. Dyson claims to automatically adjust to accomodate different carpet lengths, but it does not adjust high enough. I had read many positive Dyson reviews before I finally decided to purchase mine, but I never saw this issue addressed. Just something to keep in mind.

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I used to have a 1999 Kenmore Whispertone canister and it was not doing the job that it used to. It's now been relegated down to the lower level where there is ceramic tile for flooring.

I knew when I was shopping for another vacuum cleaner it was not going to be a canister. I really liked the upright vacuum much better. I also wanted, at the same time, a carpet shampooer and looked at Hoover Steam Vac and a Dyson. But I had so many issues of working the Dyson it was a wash. Plus then I wanted a steam cleaner too.

I went over to my local Kirby dealer, picked up a new Sentria and I've not looked back once. I got a darn good vacuum cleaner and carpet shampooer in one unit. What's interesting is by the time I added up the Dyson and the Hoover Steam Vac, I already had my Kirby which will out last the Dyson and the Hoover well beyond their years.

Yea I know people laugh and scoff at how the Kirby is so old fashioned looking and they are so expensive and people feel ripped off. But hey, they can be negotiated with and if you stick by your price they will come down.

I'm pleased with my Sentria, I will be shampooing my carpets next week and I have one machine that does both vacuuming and carpet cleaning and it will be my last vacuum too.

Spfld, IL.

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