Help with soaking tub--deep with long basin

ctkathyMarch 27, 2012

I've given up the idea of a Japanese soaking tub and am focused on selecting a tub that is 6' long and hopefully 36-38" wide. The length of the interior basin has to be at least 47". I would like as much depth up to the overflow as possible and certainly 17" would be the minimum I would want to consider. We could do freestanding or tile in--no preference.

I have looked at quite a few brands examining specs for each possible tub. We are trying to keep this item around 2K or around about that figure more or less and I'm not really interested in an air bath.

The brands I've narrowed it down to are Aquatic, Oceania, MTI and Americh and within these brands I have found a few options. I haven't explored the Hydro System or Maax yet. Kohler doesn't have anything comfortable, Jacuzzi isn't working along with several other brands.

Are these all good quality brands? Is one better than the other? I hate to select a tub without trying but with our limitations that might have to happen.

If you have a tub that you love that is at least 47" long in the interior basin and 17 deep to the overflow and you are happy with it I would be very, very grateful for the name of your tub. It seems that we really cannot go any further until we get this tub decision out of the way.

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We bought an MTI Harmony which I love. It's very large although a little short of the 47" that you are seeking.

These are the specs from where we found a great deal:

MTI Harmony - Elegant style and genteel comfort.

General Specifications:
71.25" x 41" x 24"
Bathing Well

� Length: 62" top / 44" bottom
� Width: 32.75" top / 23.5" bottom
� Depth at overflow: 21.25"
Plumbed Weight: 144 lbs
Average Fill: 50 gal to above jet level
Maximum Fill: 110 gal to overflow

Drop-in Bathtub

We went with the whirlpool/airbath combo. I'm not certain if it's available as just a soaker and, if so, if it would be within the budget you want. I found Koren at tubzlady to be very helpful and knowledgable. (I have no affiliation but I've recommended them previously on GW.)

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Although your Harmony most certainly won't work for us at 41" vs the 47" I need, I will definitely call Tubzlady to get their guidance and I am most thankful for the information that you are pleased with MTI. Their Andrea 3 looks like it could work for us. Thank you.

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I'm glad that you might have found one that works. I just wanted to clarifly that the Harmony is 44" long at the bottom. The 41" measurement is the width at the top.

Good luck with your decision! I was so relieved once we chose our tub... and even more relieved once the complicated installation was done and it was working properly!

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