Anyone know a retail source of really strong hydrogen peroxide?

albert_135February 18, 2008

I am doing some experiments on spots on an old carpet that was removed and would like to try some really strong hydrogen peroxide. Not the 3% or 5% in the brown bottles at the supermarket but 10% or higher.

In the clinical laboratory decades ago we had some really nasty hydrogen peroxide, would burn holes in one's skin. I don't need anything quite that strong. Do hair coloring kits still have peroxide? What about tooth whiteners?

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I was a hair dresser for many years so I can answer this one for you. The over the counter colorings contain 20 Vol H2O2. Don't buy a box kit just go to your local beauty supply store and pick up a bottle. It's much cheaper. Some sell to the public and some don't so call ahead. Sallys Beauty Supply sells to the public and are coast to coast. The H2O2 starts with 5 Vol, 10, 20, 30, 50, and 60. It's just a few $ for a quart.

Good luck!

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Thanks eteinne, we've a new mall opening with more new hair and nail salons than customers. When I visit the new mall I will ask at a few. It will be an interesting excuse to walk and exercise in the mall even if I don't find any peroxide.

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