Vacuum for the rest of the place during construction

polieFebruary 12, 2012

I know a shop vac is what to use for the immediate area of construction. What vacuum cleaner do you recommend using for the rest of the place that is only indirectly affected by construction during a kitchen renovation? I don't want the construction dust that I KNOW will get everywhere to ruin my vacuum cleaner. I'm willing to buy a cheaper "disposable" brand if that's the way to go, if it's inevitable that the dust will in fact destroy the innards of a vacuum. Also, bag or no bag model? (I'd guess bagged to hold the dust.) Thank you.

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It would sure help if you mentioned what vacuum cleaner you are using presently.

There may not be a need to purchase another vacuum cleaner for the interim. You just want to make sure the vacuum cleaner will filter very well; keeping fine dust from the motor. You will probably need to check or change the bag more often.

Most of your "dirt" will be in the entrance area to the construction. You will have quite a bit of dust on surfaces also.

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