I never believed in rinsing. . .

jannieFebruary 18, 2009

Until I tried it for myself. I have a basement with a 50-year old linoleum floor. Black squares with colored speckles/very 50's looking. Think rumpus room. Well, in my basement I have only four objects-my washer, dryer, gas burner, and my cat's litter box. Two nights ago the washer overflowed. Wash water then rinse water dumped on the floor. I cleaned up as much as I could with a sponge mop. Next morning it had dried but with terrible steaks and the room stunk of cat pee. What to do? I mixed up a solution of hot water, liquid Spic and Span and a dash of ammonia. Went to work with a scrub brush. But it still looked filthy dirty, so I soaked it all up with paper towels, then went over it with wet paper towels, on my hands and knees, then dried with a final swipe of dry paper towels. Can you say Bounty, the Quicker picker-upper? Today the floor is clean, dry and odor free. I truly believe the secret was in the rinsing I did. JMHO.

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Rinse with White vingar..... it is the best rinsing agent. My BIL is a chemist and told me this and it is true. I love White vingar!

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I will try it. When I moved into my home in 1981, the linoleum floor had a nice sheen. I never got it looking that good. I'll go over it with a damp mop and a vinegar solution.

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