St. Patrick's Day Table

nana2010_gwMarch 12, 2014

My table has been set for more than a week.
I thought it was time to post it. From 2014-03-10 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-03-10 (by Eye-Fi)

The wee folk came for the party and they will steal your gold when you are not looking. From 2014-03-10 (by Eye-Fi) From 2014-03-10 (by Eye-Fi)

I just realized I forgot to use candles..oh well I'm sure Pat and Mike would probably run off with them too~~

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Marlene Kindred

What a pretty table Nana! Love your plates and the little towels/napkins hanging from the plates. Looks like you're ready for your Irish meal on the 17th.

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Love the 'pot of gold' for the napkins! Ivy decor just shouts to me for St. Pat's Day! Watch out for those wee ones...hard to keep under control! TFS, nana ~~Jeanne

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Would love to join you at the table, and keep an eye on the wee folk who are probably thinking of all kinds of mischief. Green is one my very favorite colors, it is serene to me. Plus I love anything to do with Nature, so green puts me right there in a happy state of mind.

hugs, Karen

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Another wonderful table.
Pat & Mike look like they are full of mischief.
I love the gold coins, I use those too and since I gave up chocolate for Lent, they are safe from me eating them, LOL

Lovely use of the different shades of green.

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Thank you everyone

Marlene, those are tea towels I used for napkins.
I liked the shade of green with the darker green in the tc.

Jeanne the wee ones are hard to control. They were hiding from me at the store
last year when I wanted to buy them.

Karen, I would love to have you sit at my table, we can keep an eye out for those little rascals, while we share a cup of tea and some soda bread.
I am so looking forward to green. Spring can't come soon enough,

Candy, I'm pretty sure Pat and Mike are fond of chocolate too.
Nothing is safe from them!!

Thank you all again.
Happy St. Patrick's Day

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Nana, love all of the dishes on your St Paddy's table. The little
glasses look like they match your dinnerware w/clovers.Super
sweet! The green glasses remind me of some we had growing

Tea towels are perfect w/pot o' gold on them. Hope the wee
folk are behaving since you've given them a chance to play
on your ts.haha

Not sure I'll make it back here before monday so hope you
have a wonderful St Parick's Day!


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I'm sure by now , Pat and Mike are in Full Swing Mischief Mode...with
St Pat's almost here.
You put together another pretty the different shades of green in the
plates, frosted glasses and those adorable little cups..Even the cute Tea Towels
with the Pot O Gold for added fun....I'm sure the 'Wee Ones' are loving it
all. Did you promise them some Corn Beef N Cabbage to celebrate the day?

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