if mw on shelf not an otr, is it just a countertop mw on a shelf?

drbeanie2000March 10, 2012

I've read about venting issues with OTR microwaves. Our KD has designed a shelf over the counter upon which a microwave will sit. If, say we were to keep our current countertop MW, which vents out the side, and stick it on the shelf, would there still be venting issues we'd have to worry about?

We'd sorta like to keep our current countertop microwave - about 1 cu ft. - but not if it is going to be unsafe or ruin the upper cabinet/panel next to it.



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As long as it's just a shelf, no problem at all. It's when they're completely enclosed (like on a shelf inside a cabinet) that you need to think about the clearances for that.

When they talk about venting issues with OTR microhoods, usually they're talking about the fact that those models also serve as exhaust hoods for the range.

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If your MW vents on the side then you do have to worry about side clearances. You shouldn't just jam it in between two verticles. The manual should specify what you need. I'd also spend a few minutes researching widths and clearance requirements for current models. MWs don't last forever and it would be a shame if yours died and you couldn't find a suitable replacement to fit your space.

Ditto writerblock re the OTR venting issues you've read about. Two different subjects.

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