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kgkgkgkgnyFebruary 21, 2011

We have fairly new formica countertops, about 3 years old. They are a granite-like pattern with a medium (not glossy) texture. Recently we have noticed a tan colored film on the top in areas that are susceptible to standing water, like behind the sink. We have tried the usual methods to remove the film: soapy water, glass cleaner, vinegar, but the film returns after about a day. The film does NOT have any texture, we cannot feel it on the surface, but it is unsightly. I have thought about using something like CLR, but wanted to get a few suggestions and opinions before taking this step.

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I would try gently rubbing it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser.

Another approach, if you can't remove the stain, would be to polish the Formica with a paste wax (car wax).

Could you take a photo of the area and post it here?

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Have you considered contacting the manufacturer of the laminate and asking for their help? They should know what cleaners work best with their product.

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It's sounds like calcium build up from the water? CLR is probably the only thing that will shift it.

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Try using hot vinegar. Put a couple layers of paper toweling over the spot and saturate it with the vinegar. Let it sit for an hour or longer. Re-wet if necessary.

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