How about some breakfast?

luvstocraftMarch 27, 2009

Thought I'd do a simple breakfast table. Found two cute little birdhouse plates while TS shopping and then re- painted a birdhouse I already had similar to one on the plates. Thought we'd have coffee, mixed fruit, bacon and scrambled eggs. Now I need to go cook! ;o) Luvs

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What a warm, inviting breakfast table, Luvs! The newly painted birdhouse is the very image of the ones on the plates. You did a great job!

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How sweet!! I love your table.. You're painting abilities are amazing!!! I'd love to have breakfast at such a pretty table.

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Very springy! I love it.
The bird house is adorable!

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That's wonderful, I love how you painted the birdhouse to match your plates. BACON!! - Gail

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I LUVS those plates! What a great find. And painting your birdhouse to match is the perfect touch. What a delightful breakfast setting. (or lunch or dinner, LOL)

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It was fun to come up with a little tablescape finally. Haven't done anything "pretty" in awhile. Mine are always pretty simple. I always wonder what one of you "tablescape artists" would do, I just don't have all the coordinated little "extras" to really do it up right. At least the design in these plates gave me an idea for a coordinated centerpiece and I already had the birdsnest, placemats, etc. Luvs

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Now that is talent, Luvs! Seeing a design on a plate and trying to recreate it for your centerpiece! Great job, your table turned out lovely. Those plates are very pretty, have never seen any with birdhouses on them before. And you can enjoy your newly decorated birdhouse in other parts of your home too, love the spring colours of it.


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Bird houses go with spring! Of course. Why didn't I think of that??
I've got some bird houses. You can bet I'll be using one the next time I set the table. Thanks for pointing that out, Luvs.

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What a great idea! I think it really brings the setting to life. I'm not much of a painter but maybe I could try to do an arrangement that echoed the dinnerware design. I'll steal the inspiration from you, if you don't mind...

- Magpie

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Thanks DD, OA, and Magpie. I love birds, birhouses, nests, etc. anyway, so these plates just caught my eye. Would have loved to have at least four of them, but could only find the two. OA, I can see a small birdhouse inside your jar or a cloche--would be so cute. Magpie, I'm glad I was able to inspire someone. Most anything can be used as part of a centerpiece I think. DD, that birdhouse was an old one I'd painted years ago, it really needed an update anyway so this worked out well. ;o) Luvs

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Luvs, that's so pretty! I love your birdhouse...fantastic job of painting it to match your plates.

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Luvs, this is so pretty and your painting abilities are amazing ! Spring has "sprung" down here so it was a nice treat to see it brought inside your home :>)


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Thanks DG and Susan, I'm glad you both enjoyed my little Spring table. Sure wish I had lots more dishes and accessories so I could do more tables! Luvs

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I Luvs the little birdies and the bird house that I bet you painted!!
I still haven't gotten any spring stuff out in the house, but I may get a birdy or two out...I will think about you!!

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Hi Jaybird, how's your weather there in Texas? Is winter officially over for you? I've not done any Easter decorating, but at least this was a start towards some Spring decor. Luvs

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Luvs, that is adorable and very clever. It seems you always have your painting "thinking cap" on. The setting looks very cheerful and perky - great for breakfast when you want to wake up and start the day on a bright note.

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The weather here is normal...if you don't like the weather in Texas, just wait a minute!! Freezing in the mornings and in the 70's in the afternoon! I don't know if we will have a freeze for Easter this year (last year it snowed), but the year DH and I were married on April the 12th, it was 23 degrees that morning!! All I had available (not packed for moving) for a coat was a red fleece jacket...I had to wear it to the church (AND when we left to go to the reception, AND when we took off on our honeymoon :^) over my wedding dress. Everyone is still teasing me about my "wedding attire".

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Thanks CC, I'm glad you enjoyed my little tablescape. I just kept trying to think what to use to go with the plates and then spotted the birdhouse out on the patio and decided I could make it over to coordinate with the plates I'd found.

Guess what? I just went to a GW that I've never been to before in a nearby town and found two pedestal mugs that match these plates! How lucky is that???? I couldn't believe it. They will look so much better on this table than my plain white ones. ;o)

Jaybird,I loved your wedding weather story. Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do when Mother Nature is not cooperating! Right? LOL I thought maybe you were far enough south to avoid the cold and snowy weather! Don't worry, soon we will all be complaining about the HEAT!


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How wonderful! I love the intimate springy breakfast table for 2. I will have to think to do that some day when it is just the 2 of us at home. Our "Baby" that is still at home is a strapping 6'2" 15 year old boy who is so spoiled that sometimes he will prop himself right up between us on our bed at night to eat bowls of chocolate ice cream and watch tv with us! But,he always makes us laugh! So, an intimate breakfast for 2 will take some planning!
How did the breakfast go. I'm sure that DH was pleased with the tablescape. If not, just ship it all to me and my DH will love it! Breakfast is his favorite meal of the day. I'm not a morning person and he is. He is happy to get a cooked breakfast. He really wouldn't expect a pretty tablescape like your's. You really made this one special with your matching birdhouse and all of the "Birdy" touches.

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The centerpiece is beautiful. I love how you painted it - I bet it throws people off when they see a centerpiece that coordinates so well with the dishes without it being part of the set. You are seriously talented!!


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Thanks Betty and Mo, unfortunately you gals on here are usually the only people who see any tables I do. DH really couldn't care less about it--he'd rather eat in front of the television anytime! Luckily, he does have other redeeming qualities, so I'll hang on to him in spite of his lack of interest in my tablescapes! LOL


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I saw these and thought of your great birdhouse tablescape.


Here is a link that might be useful: birdhouse tumblers

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Thanks OA, those sure would be perfect with that set of dishes. Luvs

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