Used Gaggenau Steam Oven

duttyMarch 28, 2012

Greeting All,

I know there are a lot of Gaggenau experts here on this forum so I figured I'd run this by you all. What would you think a fair price would be on a 3 year old floor model BS260610. It has the removable water tank rather than plumbed, I think, so that may be a deal breaker but we have a local appliance store that is downsizing to a new location and are selling off floor models. They have $4860 as the listing price but said it wasn't firm.

Any thoughts?

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The unplumbed Gaggenau only has some advantages over the Thermador MES301H, which can be bought for $2999 new. Mainly the ability to choose intermediate humidity levels in combi mode (vs. on/off moisture for the Thermador, at least when used in manual mode). That floor model would have to be pristine, and never been hooked to power, and come with a standarad warranty for me to pay much more than that, with some additional value if I had other Gaggenau I was trying to match. But that is just me.

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The new Wolf is ~$3500, no plumbing option. Appears to have a bigger interior than the Gagg (looked @ both 1st hand yesterday). The built in Sharp Super Steam looked pretty good too. Been vacillation a lot lately (new home const.) but seems we've decided on the Wolf w/a matching 30" convection below.

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There are floor models and then there are used models.

If this has no visable signs of wear and no rust in the interior of the oven I would pay $2k tops. If and only if you are buying from a brick and mortar Gagg dealer in your hometown area.If buying over the net or from non-authorized dealer warranty is void. "$4860 not firm" is a joke. Not only is the design old but the tech is dated for a Gagg.

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deeageaux -- this isn't the older ED220 series, it is the"tank" model currently on the Gaggenau site.

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Thank you for the info everyone...

It has been hooked to power and was used once or twice for demonstrations. That said, it is a brick and mortar store in my home state (not home town). The model is about 3 years old but I think it's still relatively current. The model number is BS260610 which is now discontinued but isn't as old as the ED models. It would have a full factory warranty.

That said, I get everyone's point about the other brands of steam oven. Is the Gagg the only one with variable levels of steam, though? I thought the others were just 100% or 0%.

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I just took a quick look at the Wolf web site, and it has various levels of steam -- maybe not as many as the Gaggenau (0% 30% 60% 80% 100%), but in convection mode up to 450F or so the Wolf has dry, humid and steam available. I think that would cover it pretty well, and to me would probably be worth the $500 premium over the Thermador unit, which seem to only have steam on and off.

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If the store is within 150 miles of your residence you are ok.If not I would check with Gaggenau to see if the warranty is still good.

"used once or twice" sounds bogus to me. Have you thouroughly inspected it for any signs of rust?

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haven't inspected it yet but we were gonna go next weekend and check it out. I will check with Gaggenau about the warranty!! Thanks for the info!!

I will look more into the Wolf... thanks for the tip.

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Call them and get the serial number, then check with Gaggenau with the serial number and dealer name.

I bought a "factory refurbished" combi on eBay. I checked with Gaggenau and verified the warranty. However it was so used that the inside was rusting and flaking. Probably the only refurb done was to make sure it worked. Seller refunded promptly including all shipping, but it was still a big waste of time waiting for delivery, uncrating, recrating. I bought another combi, never hooked up demo which is in perfect shape (I had to replace a nicked drain hose, but I knew that ahead), but has no warranty. So far so good (but I've only verified it works in my garage).

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Any updates?

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eleena - unfortunately, DH decided the store was a bit too far away and since it wasn't the plumbed version, we're gonna keep searching.

I want one SOOOOOO bad but DH is nervous about Ebay and floor models and old ones... yadda yadda. So I just have to keep my fingers crossed that the right opportunity comes up. Or, I could sell some plasma. :)

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I found a unit on Ebay...they kindly gave me the serial number and I checked with Gaggenau customer service to validate the warranty. They told me no (see below) and provided a copy of the warranty for reference.

"Thank you for your inquiry. I attached a copy of the limited warranty information for all gaggenau appliances manufactured after March 2009. Under information number "2". The warranty covers new at retail appliances only (not a display, "as is" or previously returned model). The warranty starts at the date of purchase.

Kind Regards,
Gaggenau Customer Support"

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