Ruined SS stovetop with Bar Keepers Friend

mis3hijosFebruary 16, 2012

I cleaned my SS stovestop with Bar keepers friend and there was some spots that looked cloudy and I decided to sprinkle

bar keepers friend and spray water on it and let it set. That was my big mistake, now I have spots where the powder was set by the water sprayed on it. Any thoughts...replacing is not an option. I have an American Range. Yes, I realized after the damage is done, that I should not have let it set.

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Never mind the Spam for "concept cleaning", whatever that is. Bar Keepers Friend contains oxalic acid, a fairly strong acid that will indeed etch metals. Sorry your stovetop ia damaged. I will remember to be careful with BKF. Though I have used BKF suiccessfully on my stainless steel sink. I sprinkle it on, wet and work fast. I would not let it sit. Thanks for sharing your experience.

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I have used Bar keepers friend on my stainless stove top for 20 years.....and also on my stainless sink and on my stainless pans. I have "let it sit" many many times and never had any damage.
I suspect that the damage you think you see is from whatever was on the cook top which caused you to use the Bar Keepers Friend.
Yes, BKF does contain oxalic acid but it is not a strong acid at all and will not etch metals. I use it often on my antique brass and copper items.
Perhaps a rub with 4 ought steel wool will remove the cloudy spots.
Linda C

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Several years ago I used Easy Off oven cleaner on some stubborn spots on my SS cooktop. The area I treated with the oven cleaner cleaned up beautifully but left an obvious difference from the rest of the surface. After I got over being angry with myself I sprayed the entire surface. Alas, it all matched. After more hours of cooking and wiping down you cannot tell anything ever happened to begin with. You might consider doing an "all over" with the BKF.

And Lindac is spot on with using steel wool pads. In my case Brillo pads worked magic in conjunction with the oven cleaner.

Let us know. We feel your frustration.

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you could try some very fine wet/dry sand paper, either 320 or even 600 grit.
I used it all the time on my stainless steel sink and it polishes it beautifully.
you must use it wet so it won't scratch and sometimes I use it with BKF

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If the surface is truly damaged, hopefully some of the other suggestions will work. If it's just a slight discoloration, try rubbing the surface with WD40. This works for streaks on s/s surfaces, so may pull the surface together.

Any port in a storm:-(

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