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paulmarsMarch 16, 2012

my 1986 design 2000 clothes washer is not removing all the link from clothes. The lint filter does trap some and I clean it every time. However, clothes still come out with loose pieces on them and I need to pick it all off. Its been like this for the last year or two. How can I clean out the lint filter system? I opened the washer back and bottom panels, but I dont see how the waster filters. IS there a schematic I can get?



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The back panel does not open on a Design 2000 so I have to wonder what you did in that regard. First remove a couple screws that anchor the console to the top, then the entire console hinges back for access to a couple clips that anchor the cabinet to the rear panel (disconnect the lid switch wiring plug). The top/lid and outer cabinet (front and sides) comes off (together as a one-piece assembly) for access to the mechanism.

Be easier to confirm if you posted the exact model number of the machine ... but a machine of that vintage probably has a passive comb-type filter mounted under the inner basket. There are four holes in the basket under the agitator, small fins under the agitator base help circulate water through the filter during agitation then the accumulated lint is flushed/spun away. Not unusual the filter gets clogged over time, but they didn't do a great job anyway. Only way to get to it is pull the basket.

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