White heat ring/water mark on dining table-miracle cure!

oldhousegalFebruary 28, 2010

I am usually very picky about the products I use, so for me to tout the virtues of a product means it must be great! Well, I just tried something that is going to save me a ton of money and right now I'm doin' the happy dance!

For the past 3 years, my antique chippendale style dining table has had heat/water ring marks on it from a dinner party in which I must have had too much to drink and wasn't keeping my eye on things. Since then, I've covered it up with table cloths to hide the nearly 8 inch diameter white marks left from hot dishes, but I do miss the beauty of the old stained wood.

So, yesterday while at Ace Hardware's 20% bag sale, I thought I'd try this product I saw there. I mean, with 20% off, why not, right? And for those of you that know about this, good for you and why haven't you shared it with me before now? HA!

It is made by Jasco, called "Furniture White Ring Remover" Genius, huh?

ANyway, I just tried it for kicks and giggles this morning. It worked like a dream! It took about 10 minutes of gentle scrubbing with this cloth, impregnated with Lord knows what, but it works. It says it also takes off minor surface sratches, which I will soon try.

So, I guess that $4000 table I've had my eyes on won't be residing at my house any time soon!

Thanks Jasco, you just saved me a lot of money!

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Thanks for letting us know about a product that works!

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Apparently using an iron on a white cloth, moving the iron back and forth, removes white rings. I googled "remove white rings on furniture," and several sites with good tips are crowing about success with this method, even on antiques. (If you try it, please google it first and read about how to do it.)

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I have a ring on my end table where someone sat a hot coffee mug on a thin fabric coaster. The ring isn't white at all - it's the same color as the wood so I think the heat simply altered the finish rather than the wood. I wonder if the Jasco would work - I'll have to read more about it.

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I always used Brasso, after I read it in a handy hint book years ago... maybe it's just an Australian product, but it's just a basic brass and metal cleaner. Don't ask me why,but it always worked like magic on my darkly varnished dining table for heat and water marks.

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Tried the method of white cloth over spot then steam ironed it, worked for old white spots on antique dining table. Supposedly the spots are moisture trapped under finish. It was amazing to see them vanish!

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