Is Kohler's white the same as American Standard's white?

gunterMarch 24, 2008

I'm doing a powder bathroom with the Kohler Memoirs Pedestal sink but I want to do the toilet in American Standard's Cadet 3. Will the whites match or look off?


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Four years ago, I purchased an American Standard Cadet bidet and a Kohler Wellworth toilet, because the Wellworth came so highly recommended by the bath designer I talked to. My eye is more discriminating than most and I could see a slight difference in the the color of the two, since both products were going to sit side by side.

I don't know that most people would be able to tell the difference, but I felt a little uncomfortable with it. Since the models have not changed, and are still boxed up, I intend to change my Wellworth toilet for the American Standard Cadet toilet, partially because of the color and also because posters on this forum have been so pleased with the Cadet.

But that's just me, kinda picky. Can you go to a showroom and look at the 2 pieces side by side. Or if your products are not going to be overly near to each other, I don't think it may matter. Mine were just too close.

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If you do a search on this forum for previous discussion of whites, you will see that people have found that Kohler white and AS white are different.

The original question in the previous post, I think, was about Toto whites (Cotton White and Colonial White), and the consensus was that AS White=Toto Colonial White and Kohler White=Toto Cotton White. If you look at Toto samples, you will see that they are noticeably different. Therefore, (if I am making enough sense here), Kohler White will be noticeably different from AS White.

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I have never been successful using the GW search engine. A little while ago, I put in several different keywords ("American Standard" - "AS vs. Kohler" - "American Standard bath colors") which only yielded gardening and lightbulb threads.

What keywords would you use to bring up the threads you mentioned above?


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Try "Toto white, Kohler white, and/or American Standard white." That should bring up those threads.

Everyone--So I should do a Colonial White Toto toilet to go with my Kohler Memoirs white Pedestal sink? They will be side by side.
Actually, I have a Kohler White Satin Memoirs Ped. sink--is that more Toto's Cotton White?

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Try "Toto White pedestal" and "Toto sinks"

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OK. Kohler's white equals Toto's Cotton White. So, I'll do the Toto toilet in Cotton White and it'll go with the white Kohler pedestal sink.

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Gunter, it looks like you've found your answer.

I tracked down the previous discussion just by searching "AS white"

Good luck with your re-do!

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I am OBVIOUSLY searching incorrectly. When I put in "A S white" in the 'Search' field at the top of this page, I only get a bunch of different threads about plants.

I kept going to subsequent pages and by about Forum page 10, the closest reference to 'white' was a thread on whether "Obama should go to the White House," which I read for a while until I got sleepy, which I continue to be. So I gotta go to bed. G'night, Folks.

I obviously don't know how to conduct a search on the GW forum! I'll try gain tomorrow. "Things are always clearer in the morning."

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Do your search on the bottom of the page--once you enter the forum you want, bathrooms, for instance, you will see the first lines of all the postings. At the bottom of that page, there is a search box. From there, you can search just the forum you are in, or all of them together.

Don't give up yet!

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You're the best!! I'm still so new to the forum that there is so much a person can do that I am still unaware of. I searched in the manner that you suggested and came up with "bathroom forum topics!" How refreshing! So much better than learning about seeds! Although I am a plant lover, too.

When I get a chance, I'll pass this on to riter. He had trouble searching on the forum, as well. Thanks, again.

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