Hoover Spot Bot for Pet Stains?

jannieFebruary 27, 2013

We have three pets, two cats and a dog. "Somebody" has been urinating on my family room (basement) carpet every night. I'm getting tired of cleaning up. A friend with pets has a Hoover Spot Bot she really likes for pet messes. I'm wondering now, does anybody here have one? Any opinions? If I buy one, I'll try to get used/refurbished.

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A friend of mine had a Spot Bot and loved it.

I use Nature's Miracle on my dog urine spots.

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I found out the product is called the Bissell Spot Bot, though Hoover makes a similar spot cleaner. I found on-line reviews on both, but I'm still on the fence.

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I hope you figure out which pet and get them to the vet for urinary tract disease treatment... if you don't figure it out, take all 3 to the vet for urinalysis.

Getting urine out of carpet can be difficult, you need to really soak the area with an enzyme cleaner that neutralizes urine. Otherwise the pet may smell the urine and keep returning. Can you close the door to that room and/or cover the spot in the meantime?

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I have a Spot Bot and love it, I typically do not care for Bissell products but the Spot Bot works very well. Naturally, you will want to clean any "accidents" asap, but I find that I use the set-in stain mode even for fresh spots. If the surrounding carpet is a bit dingy, however, the newly cleaned area will more noticeably clean.

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