Permanent marker on the bottom of china figurine

bronwynsmomFebruary 12, 2009

My darling aunt has divided her collection of figurines between her daughters, and in preparation, she wrote their names on the bottoms in either Flair pen or Sharpie or some such thing.

How do they get it off?

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Generally the bottoms are not completely glazed. My guess is that the markings are permanent.

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But if they are glazed there, try rubbing alcohol or hair spray.

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I would try a Mr. Clean magic eraser. However, these are a little abrasive, so you would have to way your options on that one: faint scratches or marker?

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My son wrote on my dry erase board in permanent marker (Sharpie). A friend said hand sanitizer, such as Purell would take it off. It DID!!! Maybe it was the alcohol in it, I don't know, but I was amazed that it worked. May as well try it!

Tell us if it worked!

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