just can not get steam mop pads clean - help

peabody1February 8, 2013

I just can not get my steam mop pads clean. First, let me say that we do not wear shoes in the house, but we do have a couple of little dogs. I have tried soaking the steam mop pads for many hours. I've tried borax, bleach, vinegar, OxyClean (not all at once). I've scrubbed them on a scrub board. I cannot use any products with a perfume-like smell (such as most laundry detergents). I use All Free & Clear, I think it is called. No odor. Apparently I am not doing something right. I just cannot get the white pads to look like they have been washed. Does anyone else have this problem? Or what do you to get them sparkling clean?

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Don't you think they are just stains? Almost any rag that is used to clean will eventually look grungy.

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I'd like mine to be clean too and tried but it's just not gonna happen. They're stained, not dirty. After some counseling, I'm learning to get over it (g) Srsly, it's ok. It would be nice if they could look pristine but I don't think it's possible but if you find a way, let us know!

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Why do they need to be white? They will get stained, but the dirt is washed out. No one else will see them :)

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As long as they still work, it's okay.

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I wondered about this too, and since they are microfiber ( at least mine are for the shark steam mop I have) I am hesitant to use anything too strong even bleach. They are pretty discolored. I wash them with whites and don't machine dry them. I figure if I ever think I need them to be white white.... I will buy another pair of them but I know now that after using them just a few times on a relatively clean floor, they will just discolor..

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I know this message is a few months after the initial question - but thought it might help!

I soaked my shark mop pads in my sink, about 2 inches deep with hot water and 3 scoops of OxyClean. I also rubbed some OxyClean directly on the worst stains before soaking them for a few hours.

After about 2 hours of soaking, I grabbed an old toothbrush and got to scrubbing. So much dirt came out! It worked best when I kept the mop pad submerged in water and scrubbed. They're not completely white, but so much better than before!

Hope this helps.

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I've had a similar obsession with my microfiber towels which, over time, do get stained from dirt. My former routine was to let them soak in Oxy for 24 hours and then launder and rinse twice.

After reading the Laundry Form on GardenWeb, I did try using some laundry soap called RockinGreen (no, I don't work for the company). They recommend 3 TBS in a soak for 20-60 minutes then finish washing and rinse twice. While the first round was definitely better, I have noticed that after several regular washings with the soap, my microfiber feels thicker and plusher and is a bit cleaner. Yes, there are still a few of those stains there but overall the soap seemed to help with absorbency of the towels.

The detergent does come in several fragrances but by the time the load is done, I can't smell anything at all. I think they have a free and clear version as well.

Just thought I'd pass it along...

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