Garbage disposal question.

marioncohen1March 20, 2013

Which do you prefer and why? The garbage disposal with the switch on the wall or the one in the sink that you turn? Is one better then the other. Please let me know any opinions that you may have.. Thanks

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i have both and prefer the switch. i have the button i push down on sink and starting to get harder to push down.

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I used to have the batch feed (the one you turn in the sink drain) and didn't like it at all because food would get stuck in the magnets that make it work. In my opinion, the only advantage of a batch feed GD is that it is safer than one with a switch (I have the air switch on the counter in my new kitchen). I don't mean to underestimate the importance of safety, but only you know whether your users and usage of the GD requires that extra margin of safety.

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I use switched type Insinkerator Evolution disposers but the switching is performed by modules that are fiber-optically linked to counter top buttons. The modules are made by Insinkerator's competition, Waste King.

The buttons are available in a wide range of colors and trims, depending on where you look. The module prices vary widely, so searching is worthwhile.


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I've used both a batch-feed and the 'wall-switch' type. I prefer the wall-switch type. When dirty cold water backs up, I don't have to reach through it to activate the GD GD.

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1 HP motor with a stainless steel grind chamber and blades will do you right.

Choose a batch feed model or use a wall switch or an air switch in the countertop depending on your personal pref. They all have advantages and drawbacks.

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I agree 1 HP! Nothing will deter this baby!!!
I wish I had installed an air or some other switch - but have a wall switch for the next 20 years...
Insinkerator Evolution

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"1 HP motor with a stainless steel grind chamber and blades will do you right. "


Switch format of your choice.

Note that no GD has blades like a blender.

They have 'slingers' that rotate outwards against the walls of the chamber.

Groves in the chamber walls provide the 'teeth' to grind the waste.
It than passes through the small gap between the plate holding the slingers and the chamber wall.

Grind some ice or hard root vegetables once in a while for cleaning (with a squirt of dish soap while it is grinding)

A lemon (or orange, lime, whatever citrus is handy) cut up as needed is the final cleaner.

If I use a lot of limes for marinade I may even throw some in the freezer for later GD cleaning.

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If you have an island sink, an airswitch is the way to go... You just need a hole in your counter. You can retrofit your switch under the sink with this if need be. I'm having both my prep and main sinks wired with an undercounter permanently on outlet. The airswitch plugs into that, then the disposer plugs into the airswitch.... tube from switch up to the button, and done.... You can't accidentally push these, and its a heck of a lot easier than moving out of the way, opening a door, bending over, flipping a switch...
I also think the airswitches are easier to clean than a wall switch. If your hands are wet, or goopy there is no chance you would take a shock with an airswitch, but maybe a small chance with a wall switch....

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I have what kaseki has - a continuous feed Insinkerator (mine is the Evolution ProCompact 3/4HP) with a Waste King fiber optic switch. The fiber optic switch is like an air switch, a little flat button on the counter, but it has a sealed gasket. I have had batch feed and a continuous feed with a switch in the under-sink cab (hated that), but this combo is by far the best for me.

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