Cleaning burnt smell from microwave

nickeysFebruary 10, 2006

Yesterday my 9yr old put an oatmeal cookie in the microwave for two minutes. Yes, two minutes!! The house was filled with smoke. I think he knows for sure now that you can't put a cookie in the microwave for that long :o) I've cleaned all the residue from the microwave but when I warm something it still has that burnt smell. Is there any way to get the smell out or am I shopping for a new unit. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I've burnt a few things in my microwave before and it takes a while for the smell to disperse. I suspect that the smell gets in to the air vent where steam is blown out (I have no idea what the technical name is). I'd just give it time, preferably leaving the door open to air it out. You could also leave something that absorbs odours in there while not using it, like a pot of baking soda.

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Vinegar! It is a miracle solution to this problem. Put vinegar in a cup (I dilute with water, but you can use full strenght if the smell is THAT bad). Nuke it to boiling, let it sit in there a minute, then wipe down the MW. The vinegar smell will go away, leaving no smell. I've done this several times for the nefarious burnt popcorn and it works! Sometimes I have to repeat.

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I second the vinegar.

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I second the vinegar solution.

I use white vinegar. I buy it a gallon at a time because I use it for lots of other cleaning jobs.

After I used the vinegar and wiped down the microwave, I put a bowl of plain water in the microwave and nuked it to boiling.

It works very well!

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Thanks everyone. I'll try that tonight!

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I cooked "popcorn" on "baked potato" which nearly put the popcorn on fire. The burned smell went away eventually (think I tried vinegar and/or baking soda). The thing that has never gone away is the yellow discoloration on the inside of the microwave. It still works ok though.

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Chop up a lemon into small wedges and put into a bowl add water to barely cover and nuke till boiling (2-3 mins) leave it in there for an hour or so and then wipe out. Much better smelling than Vinegar. Then take the used lemon and run through your garbage disposal to give it a fresh scent!

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Discovered a tip that worked better than vinegar or lemon juice. Yesterday I put a bowl of vinegar in my microwave to get rid of a burned smell; today there was no change so I used lemon juice and left doors and windows opened all day--no change. Came across a tip on another site that worked instantly---mix a couple of tablespoons of coffee grounds with water and boil for a couple of minutes--voila--no trace of any odor whatsoever--can't believe it.

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Blackened a micro-burger creating billows of thick white smoke. Scrubbed interior alternately with vinegar, baking soda, lemon. Smell still unbearable - vents and interior stained yellow. FINALLY followed someone's suggestion to use pure ACETONE nail polish remover for yellow stains - worked like a charm and did NOT damage the metal enamel interior. I also boiled a solution of lemon and water, and another of vinegar, baking soda and water which didn't help much with the smell. THIS WORKED BEST: In a quart size glass bowl I added 1/4 cup cheap PURE VANILLA (Costco) and a few drops PEPPERMINT OIL mixed with about 1 cup filtered water. Bring to a boil in microwave, uncovered and leave inside to steam for an hour or more then wipe interior dry. I have repeated this dozens of times and smoke odor is almost totally gone, replaced by a faint pleasant vanilla mint smell.

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