can i really subtitute a speed oven for a normal oven?

tomcarter101March 28, 2012

Notwithstanding my other post about wall ovens...could I reasonably go with just one wall oven - a speed oven - that could cover the jobs of a MW and a second oven? (I will have a 36 BS range as the primary large oven).

For example, the Miele speed oven, could I realistically bake in this as well as use as a MW? Would it work as a warming oven?



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I have an Advantium and I say yes you can. It has a warming function too.

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Yep, I use my Elux Icon Speed oven like a 1st oven, alto the wife still uses the large oven for most baking chores, cept potatoes, You cant teach an, ooooops I best not post that, Wife would kill me if she saw it--Let's put it this way, She is just used to the "conventional oven" (LOL) but I use the speed oven for just about everyting! It will not broil, The Miele does, alto nobody brags about its broiling ablilties.

I do most of my broiling on an infrared attatchment to my BBQ and in fact I will do a NY Steak there in a few minutes, but the tater will be speed cooked.

I've baked brownies, Turkey parts, meatloaf, You name it, (cept cookies) and all come out well.

Good luck with your upcoming choices, myself, I would never be without a speed oven.



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I have a Blue Star 30RNB and a Miele speed oven. Big gas oven with infrared broiler and smaller electric oven: they complement each other well. The "speed oven" is a real thermal convection oven -- that just also happens to be a microwave, and also a combination speed oven. There are really very few baking/roasting things that cannot be done in the Miele oven. I use the Blue Star for broiling and for making granola on multiple cookie sheets but most everyday oven stuff is done in the Miele or the Breville countertop oven.

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What sayde said, with slightly different details. ;)

I have a 36" CC and lower-end Miele speed oven (so I could have two trays going at once - you could have three but enough's enough!). I bought cookie sheets specially so they'd fit in the slots at the side of the oven. And used em tonight for cookies (made by 11yo's with not enough flour. I was thinking of whoever-s-kid-needed-full-size-baking-sheets-tonight, wondering why when there were so few cookies from one recipe ... until I realized there was just half the bulk! Funny...)

I'm no expert on broilers, and prior to this kitchen have really only had dreadful floor-level horrors that pass as broilers -- so take this observation as from one with practically zero experience on the subject. But I thought the Miele's broiler was surprisingly good. That is, it did work, and it worked quite quickly, and you could see into the oven while it was getting brown, browner done - even. It was fine. Cleanups' not difficult either; there's a screw to release the cleaning element inside which is helpful.

The cavity's not huge so if you were broiling some massive hunk of bovine probably this wouldn't be the place for it, but you've got a BS for that purpose...

Don't know from warming drawer, don't know if the Miele would work that way. Note that the lower-end Miele and upper-end Miele are very different beasts, there being no preprogrammed or programmable capability in the lower end. While small, most seem to feel the actual useable interior space of the Miele is surprisingly big and big-enough. For example, I have no problem cooking two chickens in it. But there's no extra space beyond them as there would be in a 36" oven.

Again: yes.

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I have a Miele speed oven and use it all the time. I also have a gas range with an infrared broiler. The Miele does not broil like the gas infrared broiler, but alas....

My DH's cousin in Germany only has one Meiel speed oven in her large kitchen. They have about 2500 to 3000sq ft house with a big kitchen. They have the speed oven and she does fine baking her Germany cookies and goodies. Germans love to bake! After spending time in their house, I was very SOLD on the Miele Speed Oven.

If I have started to preheat the oven for baking cookies and have forgotten to melt butter, I just switch to MW and put the butter in the pyrex in a partially heated oven. Then I switch back to the preheating mode. If my cookies are in the oven AND my kids want to have the left overs heated, i guess they are out of luck for a few minutes....

BTW, I do not put plastic into the MW oven. I only put oven proof pyrex in the MW. So I just stick the pyrex in the hot oven switched to the MW mode. When you eliminate plastic from your "cooking" vessel, there is no problem going back and forth between MW and heated oven.

I do not use it as a warming oven. You need to have a way to control moisture in a 'good' warming oven. This is not designed for that. If you just want to use the oven at a low temperature, then you are fine.

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Thanks OP for posting this topic. I totally blew it asking the same question but called it a wall microwave. LOL. Such a noob.

Anyhow, back on topic:

1) any other alternatives for a mwc oven?
2) are the Wolf mwc ovens any good?

Looking to keep it around $1k

Appreciate any comments. Thanks.

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Yes, Yes! I have the full size Miele 30" Oven, and the Miele Speed Oven. Besides from a Turkey, and very large sheets of cookies....I use the Speed Oven for easily 99% of all cooking and baking. It heats very fast, and cooks very even. I mainly use Convection Bake, but once in a while I use Combination Bake (oven + Microwave). I cook mainly with Le Creuset, so I cannot use the Combination Bake (Cast iron does not fare well in the Microwave. Well, Cast iron fares fine, the Speed Oven would not like that)! ;)

LOVE my Speed Oven!!!

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I don't use the broiler function for high temp broiling.
I set the broiler to lower temps to generate heat
from above whatever I am baking. Example: if my cookies
are getting brown on the bottom, but the top could
use a little browning, then I switch from bake, to broil,
at the same temp., (350). Lot's of other examples, but
you get the idea.

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It seems as though I have the same quandary as many on here, as I am trying to decide whether or not to get a speed oven in lieu of a regular wall oven. I have heard comparisons regarding the broiling function on the Miele speed oven versus gas infrared broilers, however, how does the Miele broiler compare to a regular electric wall oven broiler? Also I see that Miele speed ovens have infrared broilers...has this always been the case or has Miele recently improved their broilers? And finally, is a Miele speed oven more of a pain to use when doing simple microwave functions? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. This forum has already given me so much helpful info.

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I have an Advantium speed oven and a Wolf wall oven.

It is possible to cook in the Advantium and I do quite a bit of cooking.

I would still need the wall oven to roast and also for general baking. Yes, you can bake but not 48+ muffins at once (they were mini muffins)

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