diy coffe station - any ideas/photos - help

swest2_gwMarch 27, 2014

I'm not happy with the "coffee station situation" going on in my kitchen. Any suggestions? Want to revamp the whole thing. Basically now all I have is mismatched containers holding coffee, filters and sweetener. How did you solve this earth shattering problem?

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SW, if you could share pictures of what space you have
to set up a "coffee station" it would help with ideas. You've
made me realize ours is pretty simple but works for us.LOL

We do have DM's coffee filter container that we use. It's the
white thing on the left hand side. DH uses the Mocha every
day and the other creamers sit beside that. I use vanilla
creamer that needs refigerated so I don't have to worry
about a space for that.

Looks like DH must of had greasy fingers when turning
on the coffee maker this morning!haha

Good Luck, Punk

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Thanks for sharing your picture. Gives me some ideas.

My space is under the cabinet also, next to the sink. I wanted to move it to the other side of the kitchen but DH said water probably would be spilt. I'm trying to find a coffee pot that you fill the reserve and not pour water from the top. I did check and I have 2 red small-ish canisters for coffee and sweetener. I also have a small red colander that the filters fit in. I went to the thrift store yesterday and Dollar Tree and think I have the makings of a coffee station. Will post picture when I get it all together.

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Sounds like you have it figured out.Yeah Will be watching for
your debut! BTW, your red colander sounds neat for your
coffee filters. DH has a point about water any time it has to
be carried across a room.hmmm I like having the pot close to
the bar where we sit on the weekends w/company. What I love
most is enjoying the first cup of joe out on the deck when the
suns out.

Not sure what coffee maker you'd be looking for that doesn't
pour from the top. The bunn keeps a reserve warm but the
water is poured in the top front. I love using a Bunn because
it brews a pot in 3 minutes. I've had the stainless ones and
they don't seem to last for us.


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