Cleaning wood floors

sharon620February 15, 2010

How do you clean your wood floors? I have bruce hardwood floors that were already stained. I have had them in for years. I have always cleaned them with Bruce hardwood floor cleaner but is that the best thing to clean them with? Last night after doing my floors I went over a spot with a damp paper towel and the floor was still dirty. Yes, I haven't done my floor in a long time and they were dirty! ugh

Thank you

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When we moved into our first Texas house, the hardwood floors were incredibly dirty. I washed them with Murphy's Oil Soap twice (I don't approve of water on wood, but these floors were DIRTY) and wiped up the excess moisture, getting the floors as dry as I could. Then after letting them air-dry for a day, I used Johnson's No-Buff floor wax, and after that, just made sure they were dusted and waxed regularly.

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I use Bona hardwood floor cleaner and either a blue microfiber cloth that velcros to a swiffer-type broom that came with my initial bottle of cleaner, or a microfiber towel that leaves the floor spotless and streak-free when used with a spray bottle of hardwood cleaner. I have always heard thay you should NEVER use Murphy's Oil Soap on a hardwood floor. The following is just one link to a warning against Murphy's.

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I, too have heard that you should never use Murphy's Oil Soap on a hardwood floor. I checked with Mannington, the manufacturer of our wood flooring, and they reaffirmed that, and recommended the Bona cleaner for hardwoods, used with a microfiber cloth mop. This is what I've used on our ten year old wood flooring, and it still looks like new.

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I just switched to the Bona hardwood floor cleaner on my prefinished Bruce engineered floors. I had been using the Bruce spray cleaner (recommended, of course, by Bruce), however, I found that it tended to build up and the floor felt tacky and footprints showed very easily. The Bona definitely works better as it cut some of the tackiness. I'm hoping with time it will eliminate the buildup altogether.

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I've noticed the streaking on the floor when using Murphy's Oil Soap.....this is regardless of how little I use. The last time I only used 1 capful? Has anyone ever tried Castile Soap to clean hardwood? Such as Dr. Bronner's.....I've used it to cut hairspray buildup on vinyl flooring when nothing else worked (but I haven't tried it on hardwood). It's very gentle and natural. OR, can you use just plain water to get rid of the haze left by Murphy's?

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I sweep my hardwood floors frequently, daily. Every few months, I apply Bona cleaner and finisher to keep them clean and shiny. As needed, say if I notice a pet mess (yuck) I'll clean with water on a paper towel.

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