My perfect vacuum

dlspellmanFebruary 23, 2010

Would someone please help me find my perfect vacuum?

I absolutely hate canisters, so it would be:


1.) An upright that does all kinds of floors, including hardwoods.

2.) It would weigh approx. 15 pounds or less.

3.) It would have the ability to turn OFF the rollerbrush,so that it doesn't mar my hardwood floors over time.

4.) It would have rubber wheels. Again, so it wouldn't scratch my hardwood floors.

NICE TO HAVES, but not required:

1.) Basic on board equipment

2.) On Board hose that allows you to purchase additional option attachments, such as a more hose, a telescoping wand, a turbo brush for stairs, and even a nice floor brush if doing large areas of hardwood (yes, I'd rather pull along an upright than a canister when using a lighterweight floor brush). I HATE Canisters.

3.) Higher quality brush attachments.

Price is not a factor.

Ones that I've looked at/considered, but have a major short coming from by requirement list:

Oreck/Riccar - Nice and light weight, but can't turn off brush.

Miele - Nice, but, too heavy - unless I missed a lightweight model.

Sanitaire - loved the smaller one with the ability to fold in half - but, unfortunately PLASTIC WHEELS. And Tools were also kind of cheap. I would have settled for this if the wheels had been rubber.

Sebo Felix - Nice, but too Handle heavy and top heavy, thus tippy. It tipped over on my several times in just a few minutes.

Right now I have the Shark Navigator on trial -- but, I really wish I could find one that's not so disposable in nature!

Am I missing anything out there? Thanks!

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Could a local shop change the wheels on the sanitaire? Are rubber wheels available anywhere?

I use many of the attachments from my previous 1973-era Hoover on my current vacuum--metal and rubber and indestructable--especially the telescoping floor brush: I couldn't survive without that.

Good luck in your search.

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I asked the vacuum shop selling the Sanitaire if they could change out the wheels to rubber - the looked at me like I was nuts. I said if you can, I'll buy TWO, and I was serious!

They just shrugged.... and said nope, they don't have any.

I'll keep searching!

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First, let me say that you are not going to find the "perfect" vacuum cleaner.

One of the upright vacuum cleaners that should work for you is the Riccar Vibrance and Simplicity Symmetry Premium with tools. These are both sister brands by one company-Tacony.

They have the brushroll on/off, onboard tools, and rubber wheels. The weight should be slightly higher than your desires, but it is not too bad. It also has an attachment port, so that you can connect an optional attachment kit. The deluxe kit will have a very long hose, two wands, wall/floor brush, plus the regular dusting brush, upholstery tool and crevice tool.

There was a reason the shop looked at you funny, when you wanted him to change the wheels. Vacuum cleaners are designed a certain way. Not just any wheel will fit.

Another upright would be the Panasonic MC-UG589, because it will have similar features. This will be harder to find and I have found that some people have a harder time with the rug/floor pedal. They do not follow directions.

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Thanks GE GUY!

The Panasonic weights 20 lbs., so it's out.

And the Riccar/Simplicity options don't list their weights anywhere, but I found them to be too heavy in person. I'd just love to fine the 8-12 lb. Riccar/Simplicity/Oreck type vacuum with a brush turn off and I'd be happy. Then, I'd just pick a up a little Mighty Mite type unit for the rest of my needs.

Closest I've found is the Shark Navigator - so while it will probably break in a year or so... I guess I'm forced to buy a disposable vacuum that I will actually pull out and use, versus investing in a nice unit that I won't use because it's too heavy (over 15 lbs) or a pain to use (tripping over canister hoses, cords, and when not tripping on them - it's hung up somewhere)....

The Lindhaus Healthcare, Activa, or Valzer may be options based on what I've seen on the internet - but, I've yet to see them in person. Do you have any insights on the Lindhaus?

Thanks again!

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Of your requirements "tipping" has the least to do with cleaning so I would recommend if you HAVE to omit 1 requirement, the Felix would be absolutely the best of the vacuums you have researched. The power head is the same as their canister. It is an excellent unit.

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Oreck is junk. Threw mine away.

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Have you made your decision yet? Did you go with the Shark Navigator?

The motor on my wonderful Dyson DC07 Animal died a few days ago so I've begun my search for a new vacuum. I love the bagless systems (I just empty them straight into the compost bin) so I haven't considered many of your bagged alternatives. My choice now is between the DC25 Animal and the Shark Navigator. Have you considered the DC25? It's fairly lightweight and should last longer than the Shark. I'm just not sure it's worth the extra $250 for the Dyson.

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What about the Miele?
Are they any good? The Capricorn?

I have a central vac that is great for my all hardwoods
but I need a Hepa for the small carpets, rugs, drapes...
For my daughter's room.


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hello we just bought miele capricorn, somebody close to us recomended it, i love it, first i kind of didnt want the canister, but im in love with it now, its sealed, not like other vaccums i used to have(u vacuum and dust is still there), not with capricorn, we have hardwood/porcelain floors it sucks everything in, and also dust from your furniture, i vacuum my furniture with it. it doesnt scratch your floors at all, its definately worth the price i got for $1100 and got the power carpet brush and 2 extra boxes of bags(8total) for free.

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