Jenn-Air or Bosch?

RickB45March 28, 2012


I am new here and trying to get my kitchen remodel of the ground. I have gone through many of the threads and I appreciate all the info. I have not had much luck finding out about Jenn-air quality. I have heard mostly good things about Bosch.

We are looking at cabinet depth fridge, induction cooktop, wall oven microwave combo, dishwasher and range hood.

The folks at the various stores like to try and sell you everything in one family of applicances, based on bundling and rebates. They also claim that the stainless steel can look different between manufacturers. Although, I understand that no one manufacturers does everything the best, it doesn't seem like the worst thing either, if the bundle price is good.

Has anyone recently purchases Jenn-air (within the last year)? How does the quality stack up?

I am looking for good quality that will be hassle free for years.



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In appliances SS is either 304 or 430 SS.

If not from the same exact batch they will not match perfectly. Chances of buying appliances from the same exact batch of SS are slim to none,even buying all appliances from same manufacture. As long as they are all the same type of SS they will look close.

JA is the top of the line Whirlpool. In the US,Bosch is the bottom of the line from Bosch-Siemens Home Appliance Group(BSH). In general you get better value buying the entry level of high end manufacture than top end of mainstream manufacture.

In the JA line the only thing I would be leery of is the wall oven. Bosch nothing pops out as a big negative. The freestanding counter-depth Bosch is made by Daewoo of Mexico.It is a Korean design and has nothing to do with Germany other than the name on front. Doesn't mean it is a bad fridge just don't buy it thinking you are buying a "German" fridge at a discount.

Having said that I would still mix and match and find best deals on each individual appliance.A little legwork and showleather will get you a better deal than those appliance bundles.

Good Luck.

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I *love* my Jenn-Air cabinet-depth fridge. It has a frezer drawer, and cost about $1700.

It's not as fancy as a Wolf or Viking, but I get a lot of sincere compliments on mine, even from designers and contractors who come into the house.

Besides being awesome in terms of function, it's so sleek...the filtered water dispenser in inside the fridge, and the icemaker is in the freezer (no freezer-door ice dispenser).

Can't recommend it highly enough!

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Forgot to mention, the people on this forum really helped me to understand that it's best to have each individual appliances suit my needs, and not worry about matching brands (and therefore matching stainless).

I have a Jenn-Air Fridge, Wolf range, Miele DW, and Kenmore oven and microwave, and each one is perfect for my needs. As long as everything is one finish (as in, all stainless) it ends up looking just great. Very few people actually have all one brand, and I'd say many people have more than 2 brands of major appliance in their kitchen.

Good luck!

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