Smelly New Vellux Blanket - How do I get rid of smell?

peabody1February 19, 2010

I bought a new Vellux Blanket and it has a smell that bothers my allergies/asthma. How I get rid of the smell? I have tried using a product called Smelly Washer which you use on Smelly Washers and on smelly towels. I soaked it for two hours in that before washing. That did not remove the smell. I can't hang it outside because our HOA does not allow such things. Suggestions?

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If you have washed it normally and the smell is still there, I would return it. If it smells, there is something wrong with it.

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Thanks for your response. But these Vellux blankets have this smell. It doesn't bother other people, but because I have a hyper-sensitive nose and lungs I can't be around the smell. I have purchased Vellux blankets in the past. Probably have 4 older ones. They all smelled, but I didn't have the hyper-sensitivity back then. So it wasn't an issue. Now 4 or 5 years later and lots of washings the smell has disappeared. But now that I'm hyper-sensitive I need to figure how to hasten the process. I can't wait months or years for the new to wear off. I use all the rooms in my house so I don't have a place to keep it until then.

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Try putting it in the clothes dryer on low or medium for an hour or so, maybe repeat this every day for 3-4 days. The combination of heat and tumbling and air may help.

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Oh, I understand now. Put a couple lawn chairs outside and throw the blanket over them. The sun and fresh air may help. And keep washing and drying it.

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Try puttong the blanket in a plastic bag or tub with a tight fitting lid and then sprinkle a box of baking soda over it and let it sit for a day or 2. Then you can wash it in detergent with the baking soda added and rinse well.

I second laying it over a couple of chairs outside too, if the soda doesn't work.

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peabody1, have you tried vinegar when washing the blanket? As it is probably clean, try putting it through the wash cycle with a cup of white vinegar, and add another cup when it begins filling for the rinse cycle. The odor of vinegar will be gone (and the chemical odor too, I hope) by the time the cycle ends. Vinegar has worked amazingly well for me on everything from new items with odd chemical odors to blankets reeking of cigarette smoke. The only truly recalcitrant odors I have dealt with are from scented laundry products--it takes extraordinary effort to rid textiles of perfumes!

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I just got a few new Vellux blankets and the toxic smell gave me a headache and hives. I don't know what chemical they are using on these, but after 3 washes they still have the same chemical smell. I also aired them out in an empty room for a week and that did not help. I have Vellux blankets that I've had for years and I know they didn't have this problem or I would have returned them. These blankets will be going back. Even my dog was sneezing ... which is very unusual.

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