Bosch benchmark and Samsung Chef

Chase DikaMarch 30, 2014

Both Bosch and Samsung coming out with new lineups of appliances. Any body have anymore info?

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Well I am planning to buy the induction slide in range as soon as I can order it. I'm replacing a drop in Jenn Air that's 25 years old and has a downdraft vent and grill. I was at the appliance dealership last week and they said it was not available for order yet. I hope, hope, hope, this range is great and that I'm not making a mistake. I don't have gas accessible very easily so thought taking the shot at induction was my best bet. If and when I can get it I will post what I think. I suspect it will be late April before it can be ordered.

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I'm seriously eying the side-swing wall oven and the speed oven or possibly micro drawer.
I wonder if the side swing oven would look ok under the speed oven which seems to only have the more traditional top down open. Thoughts?

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Have just moved into a condo and want to change the electric range to an induction slide in or push in range. Considering Bosch, Samsung, Fisher & Paykel, but am concerned about volts. Have been told that apartments can only handle 208 volts. Also concerned about amps. Understanding is that some of these ranges require 50 or 60 amps? Any info appreciated.

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Usually, you can find voltage and amperage requirements spec'd on manufacturer websites, vendor websites, and/or download the installation or instruction manuals.

The Bosch Benchmark induction range specs a 40Amp minimum circuit (as do the majority of induction ranges sold in North America.) Several ranges spec 50 Amp minimum and I believe the F&P specs 50 Amps. (Check AJ Madison). The Bosch and F&P, like virtually every electrical range sold in North America, are expressly stated as usable on on 208v systems as well as 240v systems.

I recall reading somewhere that, for some reason (probably inattention), Samsung does not yet seem to have supplied info for the new slide-in induction on this subject except for a generic statement that the stove is a 240v appliance. You might have to contact Samsung directly. If you do, let us know what the company says.

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You can check whether your apartment has 208V or 240V with a simple voltmeter or multimeter. Many high-rise buildings use 3-phase wiring, where connecting to any two of the three hot wires will yield 208V power. This is in contrast to US-standard split phase wiring with two hot wires that provide 120V if one hot wire is used and 240V if both are used. Some appliances are expressly designed for 240V power and will not work properly with 208V, but most will operate with either. The latter will be idendified in the specifications and on the placard on the appliance itself, which will show "208/240V" or sometimes 120/240-208V or something similar. The "120" in this case refers to some parts of the appliance (such as light bulbs and electronics) running on 120V but the heating elements needing 208 or 240 volts.

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Thank you for the info. Still trying to make up my mind on the Samsung Chef or the Bosch Benchmark. Condo living is new to me, but it seems as if you lose between 10 - 13% efficiency because of the 208V versus 240V. I am sure it would be the same whether using an electric stove or an induction so I can only assume going induction will be better than the awful electric that is presently in the condo. (I had Gas in my previous home and I must say I miss it.) Any insights on Samsung versus Bosch appreciated.

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