Front loading Washer Questions

lov2gardenFebruary 15, 2010

I've never used a front loading washer. I often soak a load of stained/very dirty clothes overnight in my top loader, filling it with hot water & powdered clorox 2 and then turning it off after it agitates long enough to mix everything well. Then, in the morning I just turn it back on and finish the cycles.

How would I soak clothes overnight in a front loader?

I was also hoping to have a countertop installed over a pair of front loaders and don't want to have them raised because the countertop level would be too high. Am I going to hate myself for this? Is it a real pain to unload/load front loaders that aren't raised?


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Your dryer is probably a front load machine. A front load washer will be like that. I don't mind squatting down to get things out of the washer. I pull the clothes out of the washer into a basket placed directly under the washer, scoot the basket over in front of the dryer and place them up into the dryer.

As for soaking overnight, that depends on what your machine lets you do. If the machine allows you to turn it off or pause it and then restart at the same place, I guess it would work. Mine doesn't have that feature. Cross post on the laundry forum for which machines would enable you to soak like that. I believe the Whirlpool Duet does, but my low-end LG front loader does not.

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If you have a good front loader, you shouldn't have to soak your clothes overnight.
My front loaders are not on stands and I have no problem reaching down. It's no different from using a regular dryer. I suppose if you had slipped discs or something wrong with your back, it might be difficult!
The advantage is that they vibrate less, and you can fold clothes on top of them.

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I have a front loader and the only difficulty in soaking garments in them is that you don't have that much water. You could soak one or two small items. You can always use a bucket for soaking and them just dump everything in the washer when you're ready to launder.

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