Laundry doors?

daisyblueFebruary 9, 2013

We are continuing to fine tune our plan ~ thanks for the helpful feedback so far! One area that I am stuck on is what doors to use for the laundry room. Originally, we had planned to use pocket doors. However, after reading about some of the issues concerning them, I'm not so sure. Currently below, I've put in a hinged door on the master bathroom side and am debating between either a hinged door or a sliding barn door on the hallway side. The hinged door would provide greater sound protection from the washer and dryer, however, it feels in the way. The sliding barn door would be the opposite on both counts. I'd love some ideas/opinions ~ thank you!

If you see anything else of concern about this plan, I really would appreciate your comments. We are excited to get things finalized and move along (an appraisal has been ordered and we are anxiously awaiting the results!).

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If it were my house, I would put a solid wall between the master bath and the laundry room. I would not find it a burden to walk around into the hall with laundry, and it would give you useful wall space in both rooms.

And unless required by code, I would think about not putting a door on the opening of the laundry room to the hallway. Doors on the bedrooms and hall bath and a door leading to the public areas of the house are sufficient. My computer sits 10 feet away from my washer and dryer, and noise is not an issue.

I love the layout of your house!

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Since your closet doesn't open directly to that laundry room, I also see no point of the opening/door between bathroom and laundry. You still need to walk around to your closet, and it's not that far the other way.

RE: the opening between hallway and laundry, I'd put a pocket door. You can shut off the entire bedroom area from guests, so you don't need to close that pocket door constantly. With that said, I'd still want an option to shut it.

I like your house layout almost entirely, otherwise. What I would detest and find unlivable is the lack of walls between your master and master bathroom. Is that something you know you want? (To each their own..... but the noise and lack of privacy would be too much for me.)

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Most posters on GW recommend Johnson Hardware for pocket doors because of the superior quality which evidently eliminates a lot of the problems commonly seen with pocket doors.

Hope this helps!

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Another vote for omitting the door between the master bath and laundry room. It doesn't do much but make your master bath (and, by extension, your master bedroom) less private.

If you do use a pocket door on the hallway side, think about where the light switch will be inside the room-- it can't be where the pocket is for the pocket door.

Another fan of your plan! Can't wait to see what it looks like IRL!

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Johnson hardware is good for many of the problems, but it won't fix the problem of noise transmission. I think that is your main concern with a pocket door?

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Thank you, Graywings, Lolauren, Mydreamhome, Zone4newby, and Kirkhall for sharing your thoughts!

Though perhaps unconventional, these are the reasons we like the door between the laundry and master bathroom:

1. Our linen storage will be in cabinets above the washer and dryer.
2. The bed in our master bedroom will serve as the folding spot for laundry. As our dryer door will open towards the right, it "feels" like better flow to transport laundered items through the bathroom to the bed.
3. We like having easier access to our master bathroom during the daytime (from the kitchen/other areas of the house), rather than having to go through the master bedroom.
4. Next to the water heater, are cubbies for laundry baskets. This doorway will make it easy to place dirty laundry after showers for example.

Thank you for the reminders about Johnson Hardware ~ I have that buried in my notes somewhere (my husband teases that we could save a lot of money on materials by building our home out of my research for this project: notes, books, inspiration pictures, etc.!).

As for the hallway side of the laundry room, we are going to further discuss the pros and cons of the different door options. Thank you for your ideas ~ we are certainly open to more feedback!

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RNmomof2 zone 5

I don't quite get the need to use the master bath during the day when you have walked past one or perhaps two other baths to get to the master. You would only be saving perhaps 8 steps going the "long" way to the master. I would feel like I had more of a laundry room with a solid wall instead of a door, but to each their own. I don't quite get the bathtub at the end of the wall. Is that in a opening or is the wall solid there? It is hard to decipher.

In the bumped out bedroom are both doors necessary? When the french doors are opened up, there is little room for furniture placement on that wall. Could a traditional door that opens against the closet be used in that location?

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Thanks for your thoughts, Rnmomof2! The "wall" by the bathtub will look similar to this:

Contemporary Bedroom design by Ottawa Architect LineBox Studio

A sliding version will be on the other doorway between the bedroom and bathroom.

The bumped out bedroom is going to initially be utilized as a playroom. We wanted a large doorway so that our little one can be better supervised from the kitchen. When used as a playroom, the single door would not be used. If we need this room to be a bedroom, then the french doors would not be used.

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