furniture sliding on floor

arizonaroseFebruary 4, 2008

I hope this is the right forum for this ?

Is there a way to keep furniture from sliding on a laminate floor? I have tried putting rubber coasters under the sofa legs but it still slips back and bumps the wall when people get up & down ( depending on the size of the person) Do they make anything specific to go under the legs?



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I have had that problem even with wall-to-wall carpeting. What I thought about doing (but never did) was to place blocks of wood on the floor behind the sofa legs.

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I agree totally with graywings - place blocks of wood on the floor behind the legs.....

I have to place some of the blame on how people sit down these days. Much of todays furniture is so gawd-awful over-sized that people have to hurl themselves into it, rather than simply sitting down.

When I had some beautiful 1920's anatique furniture recovered (sofa and wingback chair - something that was sized to a human scale not an NFL Linebacker - we didn't have any problems with furniture moving. You could simply sit in it without having to push or heave yourself to reach the back of the furniture.


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The blocks of wood sound like a good idea but DH thinks they will show behind the love seat. I guess we are going to check out HD & Lowes and see if there is any type of thing we can put under the legs. If I find anything that works I'll let you all know, as I think this is a pretty common problem.

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What about using an area rug and placing the front legs on the rug?

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I think this is a very common problem. It sounds like, in theory, the area rug idea would work. Curious to see if someone tries it.
We just pretend to be appalled when someone is visiting and they sit down and slide the furniture.....then we all laugh about it. Pretty casual around here.

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I have a tile floor. I put pieces of cushioned shelf-liner under the feet. It worked pretty well. Eventually (maybe once a year) it wears through, but it's easy to replace.

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Try covering the tips of the legs with rubber caps, made for table and chair legs, similar to what you might see on the end of a crutch. I found some at a big box home store. It took some stretching to get them on, but they helped with slipping and scratching. The newer rubber coasters--they seem to actually be hard plastic--slid terribly on my hardwood.

If the legs are big around I would second the shelf liner idea,or the rubber mesh that goes under throw rugs on hard floors. That is what we use at the gym to keep the step platforms from slipping around--works best if wet a little with water first.

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Well, we just cut some rug gripper and put it under all four love seat legs. It seems to help, but it still slides some ( not as bad tho) I think I will try to find some of those rubber caps. Thanks for the replies...keep them coming if you think of anything else that may work.

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We went to Lowes today and they have coasters made especially to keep furniture from sliding. They come in round or square various sizes. We got the square and they work so far so good! Just wanted to let you know in case anyone wants to try them.

Thanks everyone for all the replys!

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