Is this grout haze or not? - At my wit's end.

Fripp_07March 31, 2013

Pictured is my 12 x 24" matte finish porcelain bathroom floor tile with 1/16 inch portland cement pearl grout. I cannot seem to get rid of the grit near the grout joints. Tried vinegar/water, straight vinegar, drywall sanding sponge, Scotchbrite pads, Magic Eraser, etc. to no avail. Is this grout haze? I can feel the difference in texture when I run my finger across the tiles. It gets very gritty and rough as I approach the grout joint. All suggestions welcome!

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I'm not an expert, but it sure sounds like it. Have you gone on to the John Bridge forum? Is your tile offset by 33 1/3%? Re are DIYing our own 12 X 24 porcelain tiles, and still haven't decided on layout yet.

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I think it is most likely grout haze as well. I cannot redo the rectified porcelain tile, it is a brand new renovation and I have spent quite a bit on this particular tile. Also, I have checked John Bridge and my last option seems to be sulfmaric acid, which I may try this week. Thanks.

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I purchased a product at Home Deopt called grout haze remover and it did the trick for me on my tile and even countertops.

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