Zebra Charger Plates I Painted

phonegirlMarch 1, 2014

What are all of you doing during this cold snap? This
is how I'm getting through the COLD weather this
weekend so far. Beef noodle soup is in the oven to go
with my homemade noodles I made last weekend. Plan
on making some homemade bread. May use some of
this for Indian tacos tomorrow. I'm going to be a butter
ball if this weather doesn't change.LOL

And for the crafty side, painted some zebra charger
plates for fun later. So far I've painted 4 of these. I
bought several sets of the charger plates on clearance
at Walmart a few years ago. What do you think?

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Gosh...did you do that free hand? Amazing!

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Fun, I did! It really doesn't get much easier than this. I've painted for years.
Even taught some painting classes through the years.

Thanks, Punk

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Nice Job! Love how they turned out...And what a fun table that will be..can't wait to see when
you use them. It's good to see you doing some of your painted
work again. But than again, I guess the weather plays a big part'
in keeping you home doing it...
Also sounds like you've been Cooking Up A Storm...you got my
favorites going. Beef Soup/Home Made Noodles/Bread...yep, I
place my order!! What goes into Indian Tacos? Sounds interesting.
I know what you mean about 'butter ball'...that seems to be ALL
that's keeping people going is FOOD!...but I did hear a Newscaster
on FOX say that after this Winter, we're probably going to see another
crop of 'Baby Boomers' !! LOLOL

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Jane, I make yeast fry bread. I like it much better than
Indian Fry Bread. I use my favorite dinner roll recipe.
After frying, top it with your favorite chili, onion, tomatoes,
black olives and cheddar cheese. If you haven't tried it
and don't mind adding a few pounds, you should. I love
fry bread with just buter and honey or hucklberry butter.

Wouldn't surprise me we don't see another crop of
'Baby Boomers' after this harsh winter!

I started another set of pink zebra charge plates. Not
sure I like them as well but they could be fun on the
right ts. Thanks for lookin' and all the coments. It
only got down to 8 last night so we are lucky!

Stay warm and safe. Punk

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Punk, homemade soup and bread soup sounds delicious on this wintery weekend
I love the chargers you painted and cant wait to see them on a ts

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I don't much like soup or stew, but I would love the fried yeast bread. Years ago, a now defunct chain restaurant offered fried Indian bread. I loved those greasy, chewy, tasty lumps with butter and honey.

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Nana, it was a nice change. I'm cooking steak tonight.
Was hoping to go out and grill it but the wind is picking
up so will broil it. Glad you liked the charger plates.

I painted a set of pink zebra chargers and a set of
shamrock chargers today so will share here.

F2BH, I know right? I have to go buy fried donuts
w/maple frosting and almonds from the Amish every
so often too. Just to yummy to pass completely! I
tell myself I have to give back since they are good
customers of mine.LOL

Thanks for the comments. Stay warm & safe. Punk

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Opps, forgot to add the picture! This set is the pink
zebra set. Do you think I should of painted black
with the pink on these?


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Here's a picture of the shamrock chargers I painted.

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Punk I love the pink Zebra striped chargers. I would have loved to have had them when I did Caroline's table. I like the pink and white but black and pink would be nice too. You are going to have to do another table using the shamrock chargers.
Love what you did. I wish I could paint but alas I can not.TFS

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Nana, wish you would of had the pink zebra charges to.
Would of made me happy knowing. I might try some
pink w/black one day.

I will probably wait until next year to use the shamrock
chargers. I added a few more dots to them. What do
you think? Wanna come visit and I'll teach you to paint?


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I love the extra dots they make the chargers sparkle. I'd love to come visit. But teaching me how to paint would be a lost cause. lol

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I like the pink and white. I think it's a fresher look than pink and black which seems a little punk to me. The shamrock chargers are darling. Adding the dots completed the design perfectly.

I used to love one particular donut shop that still fried yeast donuts and glazed them. They were so light and airy and literally melted in your mouth. Every month when I would get my hair cut, I would treat myself to one of their donuts. Nowadays, donuts seem like they are heavy even when they are supposed to be raised, so I don't bother buying them. It's healthier, of course, but sort of a bummer.

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Nice work, punk! The pink & white are surprisingly great tog!! & the shamrocks are cute as can be ...you are so talented...these will be great on some of your t'scapes! I like the B&W, too. Brrrr...so much Winter weather... we need Spring!

YOur menu sounds yummy! TFS! ~~Jeanne S.

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I love them all! We should all get on the bus and come for a painting class and some yummy homemade food!!

We had snow last night, supposed to be 70 tomorrow and snow again Friday!?!?
Yikes, makes it hard to decide what to wear.
Have to have lots of layers to peel off and add on depending on what time of day it is.

Just send those chargers my way when you are tired of them, LOL

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Nana, come on up and let's try! Honestly there was only
one gal that I gave up on. I'll just say I ended up doing
alot of finish touchs on her projects for family and friends.

Fun, thanks for all the comments. It's always nice to hear
others thoughts. I just stopped and bought ice cream to
go with my cookies tonight after dinner. However, I had
oatmeal for breakfast and raw broccoli and cauliflower for
lunch and snacks today! Is that healthy enough?

Thanks Jeanne for all the comments on my chargers. Wish
you lived closer and I would bring over some food! Our
weather is so nice but now the flooding has started. Poor
DH has to work every day to stay on top of it.

Candy, been missing you! Thanks! It would be a blast to
all be able to get together! This way you could paint what
you'd like on your chargers.

70 sounds Wonderful. It amazes me that you have alot of
cold but so many warmer days than we do. You talk about
golfing when no one here is able to every spring. I always
layer to stay on top of the weather too.

Thanks again ladies for all the sweet comments. Stay safe
and warm.


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Good Grief, Punk.....where do you find TIME to do all that home-made cooking AND paint neat stuff? (you are so giving the Energizer Bunny a hard time, he could never hope to keep up with you!!)

Those chargers are wonderful. LOVE them. I'm not a pink fan as you know, and I still LOVE those too. I so wish I could take painting lessons from you, but I'd just end up being the SECOND person you gave up on. LOL. Trust me, that would happen!!!

(oh, your book just came and I'll see when I can grab Jason to sign it for you. Hopefully tomorrow. Will get it mailed this week for sure.)
hugs, Karen

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Karen, I have a better idea. Once you get my book
signed, throw it in your suitcase and fly up here! I'm
willing to reimburse either way gf! I'm so excited to
get Jas's book so I can read all about it.

I doubt if I'd give up on you from what I've seen in
both your home's decor and your yard! You seem
like one who likes perfection.


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Punk, if I could travel, you'd be buying a plane ticket.
LOL. Even at the risk of me turning into a popsicle, I'd love to be able to visit you and deliver the book you got in person. :o)
But you'll have to settle for me mailing it. Talked to Jas,
he plans to come by tomorrow evening and sign it for you. Heck, he needs to sign MY copy for that matter. LOL.

Nah, I'm not into perfection at all. But thank you for having that impression. And aside from lack of artistic ability, I have very little patience. I want things done....yesterday. That's not a good way for someone to be while on the end of a paint brush. Two of my closest friends are professional artists and it hasn't helped a bit. And I've known them 30 yrs. LOL.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! You HAVE been busy! All of your chargers look SO wonderful. I especially like the St. Patrick's set. You do excellent work!

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Karen, you'd be fine here! We have heat in our homes!LOL
Hope Jas signs your book while he's signing mine. So hope
by now mine is signed! Soon I'll be able to read his honorable
story.Yeah However, I'm thinking he'll do more than just sign
yours. If nothing else, send your copy home with him. Better
give him a time limit!

I want things done yesterday too but know if I'm doing it, in
the end, more time pays off. Wow, two of your friends are
professional artists! Change of plan. Can I come and pick
up Jas's book and spend some time w/you and your family
& friends?LOL

So fun to have you back posting and sharing all of your
amazing finds. Punk

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LOL, Punk....you can come any time. Tho only one of my artist friends lives here. The other one is in NC.

Jason came over while ago and signed your book, and mine. He wrote a sweet inscription for his dad and I.
He leaves tomorrow for a speaking engagement in Baltimore, hope the weather is decent. He doesn't have a coat. LOL. (Neither do I, no need here.)
hugs, Karen

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