Tub Height to accomodate tile

winesnobMarch 29, 2012

I am beginning to think I am into pain....I chose hardwoods floors for our new remodel, for the master suite and two small closets and one large closet that we just added. The hardwood is reclaimed and is thicker than most woods, so long story short we have had to float the bathroom floor for tile and sink the bathtub because I have a window by tub with shutters, can it get any more complicated. To have the BS around tub match the BS around vanity, I have a 72" tub going in, it is now going to be 17 1/2 inches off finished floor. Do you think this is going to look okay. I looked on Houzz at some other tubs and there are low ones out there....I need to learn to post pictures on this site....

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I think 17.5" is great height - then again, I've got a 30" inseam, so 19" is high for me, esp. with a raised rim on the tub (not undermount). Mock it up and see what's comfortable for you. But think about it - most benches, etc. have seat heights at 18".

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Mine's 14". Standard chair height is 17-18". I don't think you have a problem.

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Sophie Wheeler

Sinking a tub even just a bit creates a safety hazard and can lead to slips and falls. People expect to step into a tub that is the same height as the floor they are stepping from. If it's not, and especially if it's deeper, you lose your balance. I hope you put in the blocking for grab bars behind the wall and plan to put them in! Better yet, place the tub at floor height.

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Good point hollysprings! Esp. if the deck isn't wide enough to sit on and swing your legs over the tub rim.

How deep is the tub?

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the demensions for tub are Tub Size: 72'' x 36'' x 25''
Number of Jets: 7 jets plus air bath system
Shape: Rectangle
I am having trouble picturing this in my head, I have been in there with my yard stick numberous times.....

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25" deep? How high is the rim going to be above the deck? Sounds like you'd have a sunken tub even with a "normal" deck height.

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I think the top of tub is at 19 1/2...My GC says there will be enough of a tub deck for me to sit on and swing my legs around. Putting the faucets on one end. I am not going to do handrails. Actually I think getting out is usually more difficult and than getting in, I usually just do a plop from the back :)

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A 6"-8" stepdown when getting out of a tub is a recipe for a broken leg. The ONLY safe way to do this is to have a very wide deck so that you are forced to sit on it to get in and out. If you can't step over the deck and out, then you won't fall. And yes, you need to install blocking behind the walls NOW, because while you may not feel you need safety bars now, you may in the future. If the blocking isn't there, you will have limited options or have to tear out the wall to install that blocking.

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