How to clean granite?

kat123February 1, 2007

We just remodeled our kitchen and master bath and installed granite counter tops in both. How do I clean AND disinfect granite? How do I keep the granite's shiney, polished look? I've been told to use Miraclean on the granite and stone soap for our natural stone bathroom floor. Thanks for your help.

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I use 50/50 alcohol/water mixture in spray bottle. Cleans, disinfects, does not streak, cheap too.

Once a month I use a granite polish.

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Murphy's Oil soap on your Granite mix a fourth of a cup in a spray bottle spray and wipe dry with a soft cloth. Beautiful every time and it won't weaken the granite. works wonders on tile also and won't harm your wood cabnets.

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I use Granite Gold brand in a spray bottle. They have a daily cleaner and a granite polish. This was the easiest brand to find locally for me and it has worked fine. I also use it on our natural stone floor in the bathroom as well.

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Often just clean wet cloth, then dry cloth. It's amazing how this does the job and no odors, there must be something about the naturalness of stone that water will mostly just do. Someone else on this site said she uses boiling water -- not sure about that, I never put anything hot like a hot pan on my granite, afraid it will crack.

When I want to disinfect, I juse Caldrea's spray window cleaner, but I wanter it down about 2 parts water, 1 part spray, otherwise it smells too "organic" (as it's all natural.) Caldrea says it is safe to use, I've been doing so for over a year on my grante, and the granite is fine.

I think the alchohol idea is a good one too, once in awhile I'll use that, watered down as well. IMHO all the other "granite" cleaners are just a waste of money.

Here is a link that might be useful: Caldrea natural cleaning products

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I just used a spray product called GranQuartz 3-in-1 stone cleaner, polisher, and protector. I try not to use sprays, but this stuff is incredible. Has anyone ever heard of it or used it? My fabricator says that's all he uses now, but I've never heard about it from anyone else.

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If you wanted a surface you could disinfect, you should have stayed away from granite. It is way too porous to be disinfected easily. Aside from that, I periodically sweep my granite counters with a razor blade lubricated with a foaming rock cleaner/polish (Home Depot sells it) and polish is off with a car buffer. Mirror results!

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Miracle cloth with plain water works great for daily granite cleaning. If you want, you can add a tsp of bleach to a spray bottle of water and use that. Depending on the type of granite, you need to reseal every few months. It's not that big a deal, just clear the countertop and apply per directions.

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I'm a sucker for "clean" smells 'n' all, and the Method brand of cleaners are wonderful (available on-line and at Target.) They're green products, and the "Daily Granite" smells "clean almond-y" and makes my granite look like nothing else I've ever used! I have two very different kinds of granite/diff porosities, and it works equally well on both. (Labrador Antique on perimeter, Giallo Beach slab on island.)

Sometimes I use the spray w/paper towels (if there are spills or something to actually be cleaned) then follow w/a microfiber cloth for shining; but for just daily cleaning/shining, the Method stuff and mic/fib cloth is the only combination I've found that leaves absolutely NO streaking or water spots.

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I second the Method "Daily Granite" spray cleaner with microfiber cloth. It works great with no streaks!

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A nuetral PH stone cleaner and a microfiber cloth does wonders. As for a disinfectant. I've heard that if you keep your counters clean & free of food particles, etc., then there is nothing for the bacteria to grow on & therefore no need for a disinfectant.

Here is a link that might be useful: stone cleaner

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I've been using the Supreme Surface Granite Cleaner and I've had great results. It leaves a shiny smooth surface after use. Just like the bottle says, "leaves a streak free shine, every time". You can get a free 6 oz sample from their website.

Here is a link that might be useful: Granite Cleaner

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I use GranQuartz 3 in 1 and absolutely love the product...I have tried many and can't say enough about GranQuartz 3 in 1 ....worth every penny and easy to use

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