Is this good as dust mop? hand-cleanable?

jallyFebruary 19, 2012

I'm mainly looking for:

EASILY-HAND-CLEANABLE alternative of the Bissell Featherweight Vac

i.e. dry cleaning hardwood floors, in the event of extended power outtages:

(and not only easily hand-cleanable, but also easily access narrow nooks, such as for example 8" between 2 pieces of furniture.

Would this:

........mop pass muster?

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oops I posted the wrong video.
I actually meant to post this, and would appreciate feedback re: my OP.

Here is a link that might be useful: microfiber swivel mop

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The problem with the product you are considering is that you only get two microfiber pads. You are not going to want to put a dust and dog fur laden pad into the clothes washer with your clothing.

For dry dusting, I think you would be better off using a Swiffer Sweeper, replacing the pricy Swiffer pad with a piece of paper towel. It will pick up just about as much dirt as the Swiffer.

Microfiber cloths are wonderful. There are numerous threads on this forum about them. I use them all the time for cleaning. You can buy them in bulk (50 cloths) for about 50 cents each in the automotive department of Costco, WalMart, etc.

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Wow, graywings, thanks! Your tips sound promising.

In the meantime, I had already altered the [Vileda and Vigar] mops (and microfiber cloths) which I've had laying around these past years, so that they'd hopefully be more hand-washable:

I took pics, as follows:

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Very clever!
Another approach to doing this would be to attach two alligator clips to the plastic head, maybe glue them on. Then any piece of fabric, including a paper towel, could be used.

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hmm.. after trying out my improvisations today (all of them), turns out i'm not so clever after all.. Here I thought I'd salvage them, but they're good for nothing - it's no wonder they were at a closeout store.

I tried a weak vinegar solution inside a spray bottle.
I started out with the red/white vileda, but not only did the spray (plus the ever-dirtied cloth) leave the floors dull-looking, with some scratches & streak-marks...

* the Vileda was a nuisance to clean in the bathroom sink (manually removing goopy dust - yuck.. and having to put the hair trap on the drain, etc. etc. long story.

(Multiply that 3-times, because the [white/red] Vileda needed washing after a couple rooms, then the [grey] Vigar needed washing, then the blue microfiber needed washing.)

* The Vileda was smoothest to maneuver, whereas:

* the Vigar's mechanism mimicked my arthritic knees.

* But even so, what use was Vileda's smooth mechanism, if its cloth was a nuisance?

* On the other hand, the blue microfiber cloth absorbed the dirt most efficiently over the widest area.

* But the microfiber, too, was as ughy to clean as the others.

* Though once the initial dirt was removed, the microfiber was by far the easiest to wring out.

* You mention using paper towels, so I thought of using my bulldog clips & drilling holes in the Vileda to attach the clips with nylon string.

* However, I then realized that the Vileda's underside is NOT a flat, smooth surface, so it's risky, since it might scratch the floors with just a paper towel against it. (see above pic.)

* Furthermore, the paper towels are only 11" width, whereas the Vileda is 16" width (that's aside from non-smooth underside shown in pic.

So now that I'm a bit wisened up via hands-on, I got to thinking, hey, what if people in the 18th century, had owned one of these:

(1) Either:
SWEEPA albeit wider rubber bristles?? (such as the width of wide noodles)

(2) Or else:
A longer version of this Magic Duster --- Also perhaps better quality

Neither of the above would be a nuisance to clean, even in a non-power situation.

Option 1 allows you to sweep up dust AND debris efficiently, and easily wash out cuz it's rubber. This is a fact (I have the Sweepa, that's how I know. My problem is, that the Sweepa's bristles are not wide enough (therefore compelling me to use the squeegie side), but ironically, the squeegie part gets in the way of the bristle part (and vice versa), when you require precise access to some areas. That's a huge nuisance, which also manifests with other cleaning brushes designed by impractical designers.

Option 2 allows you to gather up dust efficiently, and after cleaning each room, all you need to do is shake it vigorously outside the house. BTW, I don't have pets, so pet hair is no issue for me.
No nuisance involved with magic-dusters, the way you have with microfiber mops.

So graywings - what's your opinion regarding all this?
I very much would like the most efficient manual option (for dry-cleaning floors)
.....preferably as self-sustaining as if you'd be transported back to the 18th century via time machine.

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I was at a motel and looked at the chambermaids' cart. They had a Swiffer mop with a plain old washcloth safety-pinned over it. Apparently used to clean the bathroom floors. Could easily use this at home.

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IMO, it depends how dirty your floors get. Mine are covered with dog fur and dirt that the dogs bring in. I don't want to pick up the loose dirt with a cloth because then I have to clean the cloth.

So for me, vacuuming is a must. Even with light dusting, I don't want to have to hand wash the cloth. I will do a washing machine load of 25 microfiber cloths, but I don't want them loaded with dog fur when I put them in my washer.

I don't know about the 18th century, but back in the 1950's my mom had a dust mop that she dusted with and then went outside and shook so that the dust went into the air.

If I were you, I would get the dry swiffer mop and use either a washcloth or a paper towel on the bottom.

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Graywings, I had followed up with a response re: the paper towel suggestion. Did you see that, and also what i posted re: WIDE-BRISTLE SWEEPA (and/or long-handled version of magnetic duster)?

I can't see myself handwashing anything anymore, not a washcloth, nor microfiber. Not after my recent experience (see my last post above).

btw, i got all excited upon reading some of the reviews of the Bissell Swift Sweep, until I saw the negative reviews, which I realized are more realistic. If only the Swift Sweep came in the dimensions AND capability of the 3106 stick vac, since it's my understanding that the Swift-Sweeps's design does not allow users to access tight areas, nor is as capable of suctioning some bitsies, according to reviews i've read.

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I have no experience with the sweepa or the magic duster so I can't comment.

There have been plenty of discussions here regarding hard floor cleaners. I don't recall any one product being a standout performer, electric or otherwise.

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The reason why not one was a standout performer may be because (as one reviewer mentioned:
they don't KISS - keep it simple, stupid

But a would KISS - in my opinion.
Ditto re: WIDER-BRISTLE Sweepa.

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I just have to say that my Vileda folding mop was my favorite, ever. And I somehow lost the cloth cover and can't find any replacements. But I've kept the mop and bucket, just in case!

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To graywings - here's my [partial] update with pics re: your idea:

I've been in the midst of taking a stab at your paper towel idea, because i'm fed up with Bissell's junkification of what was once an A1 product. The molding process for the current-model Bissell vacs (unlike their navy-blue 3106 models of a few years back which I've used & loved) have become junkified - it's IMPOSSIBLE to remove the dust cups on their 3106-1 models which they recently changed color to greyish-bluish and re-named "featherweight". My dad couldn't remove the dust cup either, that's how tightly wedged it is. It's sneaky, cuz they pack the 3106-1 inside a perfectly-fitted brown-carton which they label 3106B. And they claim the 3106-1, 3106A, 3106B & 3106-3 are all made the same. I'd believe it if i see it, because how can so many people give a good review to such a defective product? I have yet to receive from Amazon the 3106B which is what I actually ordered. Instead they sent me the identical 3106-1 twice. Both were inserted inside the wrongly-labelled cartons. And both are defective (i.e. too-tightly-wedged dust cups).

So much for that tangent, now for the demo pics, see below.

I sewed the black velcro (& grey) to beige felt. (these were all among my scrap junk)
Then sewed cream-color craft-foam to the the latter.
Then sticky-back white velcro to the Vileda.
Then stuck the black/grey/beige felt to the Vileda.
Thus leaving the reverse (cream-foam) side facing the floor.
Wound Bounty around that - clasped with 2 bulldog clips.

Still awaiting (hopefully):
A nice local guy may (or not) succeed cutting off the excess plastic edges for me. It's at his house now.

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Wow, that is quite the project. Long term, you may need something stronger to hold the towel on. But it's a start!

You need something like a Dremel tool for these small sawing projects.

Jally, I think you have a bit of Rube Goldberg in you!

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Well, meantime, I not only have the Vileda, but yesterday I had occasion to take the bus to the shopping center where ShopRite & Walmart is. ShopRite had a pack of 20 cloths for $2 which i bought, and Walmart had Swiffers for $10 which I decided to buy. They're probably junkier than the original Swiffer but what the heck. Thing is, even though I used the Swiffer cloth, it seems to me that after only doing one bedroom, the cloth already became quite full of dust.

Another thing - I'm wondering how to clean my low pile rugs, such as near the bed, and near basement entry for wiping boots. I wish there were a low-priced, simple manual rug sweeper. I once saw something like that (i.e. a brush with long handle, meant for rugs) but it was overpriced i.m.o. It may have been marketed by Lysol, but my memory fails me.

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P.S. It wasn't the Woolite rug stick, but rather something simpler. It was a similar idea, though.

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Graywings, what brand of paper towels do you use to pick up the dog hair? I used Bounty but it did not pick up very much. My thoughts are that it needs to be a softer paper towel?

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I use whatever paper towel is on my counter at the moment. I prefer Bounty because it is softer than the store brands.

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Is there anything similar to Woolite Rug Stick, except which actually would work well for cleaning a low pile rug near the bed?

Or any affordable carpet sweeper which isn't junk, and preferably work at corner areas where rug meets wall?

All the latest Bissell stick vacs are JUNK, so can't use them anymore.

Tried both the 3016 (latest models) and 38B1L.

Only the original Dark Blue 3016 was non-defective.
Their newest 3016 - you can't budge the dust cup, and the 38B1L has squeegie instead of bristles.

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Update, plus followup questions:

I've been finding that the Vileda is better than the Swiffer, since for one thing, the stick is longer & is not a tinkertoy. Secondly, the 11" width is preferable to the 9.5" Swiffer. A nice local guy had cut the red-rectangle down to 11".

I'm keeping the Swiffer as a spare, though.

Thing is, the clips depicted above were too big (causing tearing of the bounty, due to flip-flopping.

So I found a tiny Acco clip, using that on one side & a large paper clip on the other. That way the Bounty didn't tear. I hope a 2nd Acco clip pops up soon.

But whichever cloth I use (whether Bounty or swiffer-cloth) it only lasts approx. 2-3 rooms, rather than the full house.

So would the addition of a liquid (such as Bona or whatever) make it go a longer way?

Also wondering:

Can a crumb sweeper (intended for tablecloths) effectively sweep dust from a low-pile rug?

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I think the Bona Dry mop and pads are the way to go, whether with electricity or not.

The pads are pricey, but one pad last for weeks without having to wash.

I have a large area of hardwood floor, and a dog that sheds all year long with short white hair. Plus we get dust from living on a dirt road.

I keep my mop hidden behind the front door so no one can see it. lol. When it gets a lot of hair and dust on it, I take it outside and shake it off, then use it some more.

I've had it for several years and have never had to replace the mop heads.

It picks up dust/hair and doesn't move it around. I bought the widest width so I don't have to waste time. The mop also swivels and gets under the sofa where there is a LOT of dust.

Best investment, IMO.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bona Mop Pads

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I see, though wondering if anyone knows the answer to my questions. Thanks.

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Jally, I'm not really understanding your questions. Are you wanting to dry mop a wood floor? You said "dry clean" above.

Are you wanting to use a cleaner with the mop, or just dry mop to pick up dust?

That's what I thought you were talking about. With the Bona dry mop head, there's no need to rinse it while cleaning.

I take it to the front porch and shake it out good, then take my hand and rub over it to get all the hair, etc. out. No need to wash for a long long time. Unless it hits a wet area.

Using the Bona, there's no need for liquid. I dry mop my floors several times a week, between vacuuming. Then about once a month I use the other Bona pad for wet mopping. The pads for wet mopping go in the sink or washer.

You want to keep liquid (especially water and some people say vinegar) off the wood floor as much as possible.

The Bona dry mop also helps polish the wood without any liquid.

It swivels too. I sound like a commercial, don't I? lol. You will save a LOT of time and money buying just one of their mop heads and their mop.

This comes from someone who hates cleaning their floors!

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I hear, but I already have the Vileda & Swiffer.
And when I tried the mop heads of the Vileda and the grey Vigar pad depicted above, they both proved a nuisance as mentioned above.

I saw the pic of the Bona mop head, and it looks similar to the Vileda & Vigar, so I don't see how I'll have any less nuisance with your mop head.

As for my questions, I'll copy/paste from above:

...would the addition of a liquid (such as Bona or whatever) make [the Bounty paper-towel] go a longer way?
(the rooms are: kitchen, dining-room, 4 bedrooms & bathrooms, mostly hardwood, 1970's linoleum in kitch. and 1950's tile in bathrooms)

Also wondering:

Can a crumb sweeper (intended for tablecloths) effectively sweep dust from a low-pile rug?
(approx. 2' x 1.5' indoor-outdoor carpet-piece)

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