Recs for 36" gas range or induction cooktop w/ 1 oven? on budget

homebuyer23March 3, 2013

Can anyone recommend a good 36" gas range? I am open to all gas but think I'd prefer dual fuel. I've never owned a gas stove so I'm honestly not sure what to really look for.

Easier maintenance/easier to clean appeal to me, so I guess I want the sealed burners? Cost is a major concern, I need to try to stay below $6/7K, including a hood.

I'm not sure what to look for as far as BTUs I'd require, since Ive never used gas. I desire fast water boiling and being able to fit 3 large sized pots at same time.

In my price range on AJ Madison I've see Kitchen Aid and Electrolux and some other brands I've never heard of and many that don't give prices. There are so few reviews, and my GW searches lead to posts mostly from 2-3 years ago.

I'm still considering Induction as well and would love rec's for the best 36" induction cooktop/single wall oven combo. I don't have room for Double wall oven, so Id have to slide in an oven under my induction cooktop, which I believe limits me to an oven of the same brand as the cooktop, and I'm not sure if I want to do that, which brings me back to getting a gas range.

With a $6-7K budget should I go 1 piece gas (or dual fuel) range, or induction cooktop with single oven mounted below?


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If I were in your shoes, I would go for a Bosch 500 or 800 series induction cooktop and an Electrolux wave touch wall oven. In both cases we liked the controls and features better than anything else we saw (and we have seen just about everything on the market). If there are issues with pairing units from different makers, Bosch makes decent ovens and Electrolux makes decent induction cooktops. Thermador's 36" induction cooktops are almost identical to the Bosch 500 series, except that they have a bigger center burner (9"/11"/13" instead of 7"/11") and can be had with no trim on the edges.

A Bosch/Electrolux pairing will bring you in well under budget; spend the rest on riotous living.

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KOBE Premium Range Hood RA-092 Series $890;hash=item3f1c4b9a1a

Capital Culinarian 36" Range 6 Burners CGSR366 $6100

Powerful 23k btu open burners with very even heat.

These two piece open burners are not more difficult to clean just different. You can go to youtube and see many capital culinarian videos including a cleaning demonstration.

Self clean gas oven with motorized 40 lbs rotisserie and 1800 degree under glass(easy clean) broiler. If you love eating roasted meats you will have a riotous time with this rotis. Not to mention woking, searing and sautéing on the cooktop.

Total $6990 including delivery.

Here is a link that might be useful: Range

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> KOBE Premium Range Hood RA-092 Series

According to the specs, that Kobe hood is only 20" deep. You need at least a 24" deep hood over a CC range.

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According to the specs, that Kobe hood is only 20" deep. You need at least a 24" deep hood over a CC range.

A deeper hood is better over any range or cooktop.

The definition of "need" is quite flexible.

But budgets are budgets.

I much rather have that combo that a cheaper range and better hood.

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Thank you both so much for your suggestions.

I am feeling like I am really leaning toward induction, but I am disappointed as I just read rave reviews on Elux ovens, but awful reviews on their cooktops, and vice versa for Bosch. If I could install a Elux oven under the Bosch cooktop I think Id be very happy, but Im not sure if that can be done. I don't want anyone voiding my warranties because we mixed appliance brands.
I could possibly put my oven in my island?

Glad to see I have an option to get a very professional gas range if I go that route.
I'm not sure yet what the discrepancy is regarding the size of the hood. Would a 20" pass inspection and adequately remove grease & odors or not? If it would, don't know why I'd need bigger? But if it wouldn't, think I better look for more affordable range, if I go that route.

What type of hood would I need for an induction cooktop? I believe the requirements are lower? Induction sounds like it would fit me best, especially since I've never used gas I think maybe I just don't know what I'm missing. But I have to figure out how to get a decent oven in an acceptable space.

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Size of the hood generally isn't covered by code, but a deeper hood will definitely capture more grease, smoke and odors. An induction cooktop can generate just as much smoke, grease and odor as a gas cooktop but probably not as much heat. As someone with a 19" deep hood, I would definitely go for at least a 24" deep hood next time around.

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homebuyer - there are some threads on "induction ranges", if you do a search using exactly that phrase. I have an induction cooktop by Thermador with Kobe overhead vent, and wall oven by Electrolux. I'm very happy with this combination.

I decided on induction because I couldn't work out how to vent from the Bluestar cooktop I wanted. Now that I have induction, I would not trade it for anything. WIth induction, your venting requirements go down considerably since there is little heat loss. There are lots of threads on this subject as well.

Good luck,

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Thanks yes I've read tons of posts about induction and it definitely sounds great to me! I wish they had 36" induction ranges. I really want 36" over 30" so theres no ranges for me, unless I switch to gas.

My obstacle is that I've read you need to have the same brand cooktop and oven to install one over the other, I can't seem to find a combination of the same brand that both get good reviews.

Maybe Thermador, but that combo gets very expensive, close to my $6-7K budget without a hood. Lower price was part of what attracted me to induction. My contractors estimates came in today, and I really need to start cutting out some things :-(

What price range is GE Monogram? AJM says call for info, I will, but curious for ballpark if anyone knows?
Is there any reason I cannot install a wall oven in my island? It would be across from the cooktop, its very long so I would have the space.

Thank you for the advice on the hoods, I am really sick of having no ventilation and a house I fear always smells like last nights dinner so I hope to not have to compromise too much on that choice!

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If you are thinking of getting a high BTU cooktop and appropriately high CFM vent to exhaust it, you had best research your building codes before finalizing any purchases. If your jurisdiction, like mine, requires make-up air for your exhaust system, it could cost as much or more than your range itself. I needed heated MUA for my 600 CFM vent, and the installation of the entire system ended up around $9K.

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