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patty_cakesFebruary 28, 2010

Hi y'all! I've tried several different SS cleaners, but find none of them to be great. They either leave streaks, a film, or like there's still something on them after I clean. When I use any cleaner, i'll use a clean cloth and buff, but still can see what look to be marks from *maybe* the plastic put on all new appliances was removed. Anyone have an answer and a good cleaner? I want nice shiny appliances! ;o)

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Dirtex! :) You can find it on Amazon or at paint stores like Ben Moore and Porter Paints. They have it at Ace hardware but it costs more.....

Also Swiss Easy Cleaner by Kuhn Rikon is fantastic. ( I got mine online)
I use Dirtex for every day and then Kuhn Rikon for occasional polishing.

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Thank you monaw. After I posted I scrolled down and saw the thread on cleaning a SS dishwasher, so read the complete thread and saw Dirtex mentioned(never heard of it!) Since it can be used on other surfaces as well, I will definitely be getting some. Thanks again. ;o)

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Method makes a stainless steel cleaner. I've used it on my SS kitchen sink and it works just fine. I like every Method cleaner I've tried.

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I had this same problem and after doing a lot of research, I found the best thing is to use is olive oil on a cloth. Gently rub with the "grain" of the SS, and then wipe off with a clean cloth. Voila - perfection!

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I dont know about appliances, but with my stainless steel sink, I just use bleach. It comes out shiny and clean.

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I used to use those spray cans of stainless steel cleaner on my fridge, only to be really frustrated to see a build up over time, then could never get the streaks out. With my new dishwasher, I took the advice of the salesperson. Water and microfiber beautifully with NO STREAKS!

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Monaw, I bought dirtex in the aerosol can. It works! Great stuff!

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blairgirl, I've tried them all, and NOTHING works better that DIRTEX! :)

I've been using it for about 15 years. It's good for all kinds of stuff. I keep one in each bathroom and one under kitchen sink.

It's great for quick bathroom sink/mirror cleans used with a dry cloth...

Don't breath it if you can help it.

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Monaw, I'm looking at my stainless fridge; I did one of the two doors. One side is absolutely clean, no streaks; the other, the usual s/s fingerprinted, smeared mess.

Yes, it WORKS.

So naturally I tried it on a few other things (the aerosol foams and it's incredibly easy to use.) This one thing is a little risky: my laptop monitor which never seems to be really clean, always smeary no matter what I do.

I put some dirtex on a Viva paper towel, and tried it on the screen. I'm now typing on a glass-clear laptop! It worked!

I like this stuff so much, I just bought a case of it.

Monaw, thank you!

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You're welcome! Glad I could help!

I'm going to try it on my laptop too...I usually use alcohol and that doesn't work too well. Come to think of it, I think I did read on their Website or somewhere that it was good for cleaning computer screens. Don't know why I haven't tried that..

Where did you get yours? I usually pay about $4.00 a can at Porter paints. I think there's a discount for a case, ...I'll have to check.

Another fantastic cleaner that I buy by the gallon is Krud Kutter.
That stuff is amazing! It can take years of crap off stuff like magic!

Happy cleaning!

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Hi, Monaw...

I ordered a dozen cans from Castle Wholesalers, along with a one-pound box of Dirtex to see how that works. The spray can price was $2.59, but with shipping, it worked out to about $4 a can.

That might seem like a lot, but the only place I know for sure locally carries Dirtex is Ace Hardware, and they charge $7 a can...! I'm already halfway through the one can I got (through amazon, which cost me $5 because I had a GC), so I can see a dozen cans isn't a really big splurge - not as long as I got all this stainless steel to clean!

Btw, did you notice the great job Dirtex does on mirrors?

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Magic Stainless Steel cleaner from Home Depot. I love the stuff.

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I have a stainless steel counter, stove, dishwasher, ovens, and fridge and have found, if I'm going to use a cleaner, that no one cleaner works on all of them. The cleaner that came with the ovens works best on them, Weiman Stainless Cleaner works best on the fridge and Stainless Steel Magic works best on the stove. I have never tried Dirtex, but I'm going to buy some because of all the other uses it has.

That being said, I have had the very best success by not using any cleaner at all--just water and a microfiber cloth as laynie mentioned. It works beautifully once you get rid of all the previous cleaner that has been applied and it leaves no streaks whatsoever. My problem is that I have a cleaning lady who insists on spraying cleaner on the fridge. I'm just waiting for her to use it all up. I won't be replacing it. Maybe I should just hide it.

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This is not specifically about stainless steel, but about streaks in general.

Don't use paper towels that are printed.

It took trying every glass cleaner on the market for me to figure this out. I guess this is why the old wives clean their windows with tissue paper or newsprint. I know the soy ink that most newspapers are printed with comes off on fingers and counter tops. I'd never use it to clean anything.

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Lynne Reno

try wd-40 for stainless appliances =)

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I was given a very large SS Simplehuman trashcan. I either use vinegar or lemon juice...cuts the crud but doesn't leave any residue that IMO would attract dust and more fingerprints. Perhaps Borax would work the same??

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