Quick connect gas hookup for outdoor kitchen

lalitharMarch 29, 2012

My plumber tells me that *if* I wanted, he could stub out a gas line to the courtyard for us to use with an exterior gas grill or even if we wanted to do a firepit etc. But we have to decide now before the sheetrock goes up. DH wants to.

Any advice on how to do get this done right? Ideally speaking, if it is possbible to do a quick connect type setup that we can use with a portable grill? Do these have shut-off levers? How do we do this so that it is safe but easy to use.


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Yes. this is quite do-able.
I did this myself about 20 years ago in order to hook up our grill.
Your plumber will poke a hole in the side of your house and run the gas line through it.
He should install a shut-off on the exterior of your house and a quick disconnect fitting.
Check to make sure that this meets code where you live.
It does in my part of town, but doesn't everywhere.

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We wanted a stub in our family room for a future fireplace but the inspector said that we had to cut the line and cap it in the garage. Probably different if the stub is external but worth checking with the inspectors office if you are under permit. That way you don't pay the plumber for the stub and then have to have it disconnected and capped closer to the meter. Is your house on a slab or perimeter foundation? If you've got a basement or crawlspace then it's not that hard to run a gas line to the backyard when you need it. That way you don't spend the money upfront for something you may never use.

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We are on slab and the walls are brick, so it is now or never really. I will call the city tomorrow to check on code.

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Definetly check with your city's code department.
Our house is built of structural stone.
So I had to drill through 16" of granite to install ours.
Definetly worth it though, no more propane tanks.

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It is not expensive to do it later, or at least as I remember! When we moved into our current house, we wanted a gas grill and called a local plumbing company to tap into our existing gas line under the house and put in a quick disconnect on our deck. It was a couple hundred dollars I think.

Drilling thru brick is no big deal. We had to put in a couple of exterior outlets as well. It may be the real issue is getting it low enough so it can be buried. Ours just runs under our deck so it is not visible.

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